Monday, March 31, 2008


This weekend was so emotionally draining. I'm sure that my brother and his wife feel a lot worse than I do. I have been so tired yet I still feel I have so much to do. This week is a crazy one for us.

Today... I had a nail appointment. Then I went and spent some time with my parents. By the time I came home it was time to go pick up the big boys from school. When Hubby got home, I took off for some thrifty grocery shopping. We met a local restaurant and then went to my bro's house to see the new baby. My kids loved her. Here are a couple of pictures from tonight.

Tuesday... MOPS meeting. Then we are going to eat at PF Chang's and go see Styx, Reo Speedwagon, and Def Lepard in concert. An adult night. It will be very nice.

Wednesday... School Spelling Bee at 9am. Awards Ceremony at 1:30pm Church

Thursday... Field trip to Columbia to the State House and the Zoo. We won't return until 5:30. Then hubby has softball that night.

But we start our first day of Spring Break on Friday. YaHoo!

So my schedule this week is too full. I can't wait until next week when we have nothing to do but have fun.


MoM of 2 said...

love the new pics! Have a grea time tonight- I won't be there to work- didn't have a sitter- so have a blast!! Slow down and enjoy what is left of the week!! Looking forward to seeing you on Sat!

chelle's winks said...

I love those pictures. Kids adjust so quicky. Sounds like your week is busy like mine.

Is there a PF Chang's near you????
We love that place and I was thinking that Charlotte is the closest one near us?

Windy said...

Hope you had a great date night! Keep us posted on the spelling bee results:) Kennedy had the State House field trip a few weeks ago and was totally bored with the actual State House, but loved the rest of the trip. Keep that in mind if you get to go on the trip and make it fun!