Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Southern Seven. I am supposed to list 10 random things about myself. So...

1. I am adopted. My mom and dad adopted me when I was 2 months old. Until then, I was a ward of the state of SC.

2. I hate being pregnant even though I've been pregnant 4 times and would do it again if my husband would say yes.

3. Hubby and I were married in a wedding chapel in Gatlinburg, TN.

4. I am a PK (preacher's kid, southern baptist).

5. I love Starbuck's coffee (any kind with Caramel or Chocolate)

6. I've only learned about computer and technology in the last year. Before that I could only operate Microsoft Word and check my email. Now I'm blogging.

7. I am a certified Early Childhood teacher. I taught 4K until this year and I am now a Stay at Home mom for the second round of preschoolers.

8. I am the oldest of 4 and the other 3 are boys (not adopted). Lucky for my mom she decided to adopt.

9. When I married my husband, we ate Ramen noodles (a lot) because I didn't know how to cook. Now I make meals from scratch most every night. (Thanks, Paula Deen!)

10. When I married my husband, I really didn't want any children. I changed my mind at the age of 28.

I tag Windy, Lori, 'Chelle , Monica, and Heather


Unknown said...

I love Starbuck too. Who doesn't? Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful family! Maybe you should have some more. I would if we could.