Friday, October 30, 2009

I Can Breathe Again

I finally feel like I can let out a big breath that I've been holding for 2 months. We are finally winding down a little. Today will be a post of random thoughts because I just can't even fathom putting together a whole post. Maybe later. So here is what has happened in the past week.
*Football is over. Both teams lost the first games of their play-offs. (I was a happy momma but some of the moms were crying. Come on give me a break.)
*Today I am working on finishing up some Halloween costume details.
*Gabe has been sick for 2 days.
*Jim has been out of town.
*We had Fall Festival at the school last night and Gabe had to go walk around with the little kids. (I paid him $2 an hour to "babysit" while I worked. Cheap labor.)
*We have been so busy my house has definitely suffered. I have very few Fall/Halloween decorations up this year. (to the dismay of Jack).
*My blog has suffered because of the busy-ness (and I've been a little unfaithful- Facebook, need I say more?).
*It seems there is always lots of "girlie drama" when you deal with adult women. I have been dealing with this drama and I am sick of it. Is that the price you have to pay to do volunteer work?
*Jack is out of school today for a teacher work day.
*I have been to Greenville (40 minute drive) 3 times this week which has cost me about $60 in gas.
Now for the positive:
*I have cranked out several new things with my Cricut. I'm actually thinking about setting up an Etsy account. Anyone doing Etsy? Let me know if it is worth it.
*Trick or Treating tomorrow! Love Halloween and I can't wait.
*Sunday worship and Bible Study at church.
*Hopefully I will be able to keep up with my blog a little better now. I can't promise but if anyone out there is still checking my goal is 2 times a week.
Have a fun night tomorrow night and I hope my next post will be a little more coherent than this one.