Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Spring Break Trip to Dolly wood (in pictures)

Easter Egg Hunt

I know, I know! I'm a little behind but better late than never. With all the school work I've been working on, it is proving challenging to keep up with the blog too. Anyway, on the Sunday afternoon before Easter Sunday, my dad's church had an Easter Egg Hunt. It is always a fun time for the kids so we hurried home from church grabbed a sandwich and went.Zeke wasn't interested in the hunt. He was more interested in the Easter grass.

I took Zeke's lack of interest and turned it into a photo session. Gotta love that baby!

Then Maci Clare came along
.I thought I should take this opportunity since she was actually wearing a dress.
Zeke loved her sitting beside first!
Then she started poking his face and aggravating him.
He left.Zeke hated the pony ride.But Maci Clare loved it.And so did Jack.Zeke didn't understand you had to hunt eggs. He only picked them up and threw them yelling, "Ball, Ball" I swear the child is obsessed with balls.Maci Clare was really into the hunting this year.Jack said, "I don't care if I drop all my eggs and I don't care if I find any eggs." But he did pretty good once the hunt started.Jack doesn't usually cooperate for pictures especially if Maci Clare is involved. So when he agreed to take pictures, I jumped at the chance. One of these days I hope he looks back and really is glad that he has a sister.I had to include this one because it is such a good picture of the two of them. All smiles! Love it!My friend, Lori, decided to put a baby headband on Zeke. Doesn't he look sweet? Jim just said, "Get that thing off of him!" But I couldn't resist getting a picture.And I couldn't help but snap this one of the most handsome man alive. MY HUSBAND!

I did not get any of the older kids because they were running around like lightning. I made Gabe and his friend Grant stop for this one. But I didn't see very much of Zane.