Monday, April 2, 2012

After School

Yes, I know it is Spring Break but I had to share what my kids do after school everyday. I don't think my kids are normal kids because they actually rush home and play outside until dark. All the friends we know, rush home to play video games. All 5 of my kids are different and have interest in different things.

Maci Clare loves to ride the 4 wheeler.

Jack loves to swing and watch the chickens.
Zane shoots BB guns and Air Soft guns everyday.

Gabe plays basketball.

Zeke loves to play ball too and he patiently waits for someone to help him.Gabe is always willing.
But he also loves to ride the 4 wheeler
.And swing.

But sometimes, they all find something else to occupy their time.

A little black snake that was promptly scooped up by a shovel and deposited into an aquarium (we keep a couple on hand all the time.)
Don't you just love Zane's Georgia boots and gym shorts? And Maci Clare's facial expression?