Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally Friday

It is finally Friday and we are heading into another busy, busy weekend. We have Pinewood Derby races tomorrow and Home Group on Saturday night. We are watching "Fireproof" at HG so I am looking forward to that.
I didn't get to all my goals yesterday and here is the reason. I started working, yes, "working" my way through The House That Cleans Itself (HTCI). I really like it but I am not putting everything into practice. I am using this book as a Reference book and making lots of notes in it and highlighting all kinds of things. I already have some systems at work (even though they are fairly new they are working) and I'm not willing to change that. However, there are other areas (so many other areas) that need work.
So I learned that yesterday my Home Base Zone is my kitchen. The kitchen's cleaniliness is not only important to me in my home, it is also important to me in other people's home. Especially if I am eating what you cook in your kitchen. If your kitchen is nasty, I'm not going to eat what you cook. So I decided to tackle that and yes, it is shiny and clean. The Home Base Zone or HBZ is the place in your home that when it is dirty you feel irritation and stress and when it is clean and organized you feel satisfaction. That for me is more than one area but the one that I feel the most strongly about is my kitchen. So because of this I had already organized and cleaned out everything. So it only took me about 30 minutes to deep clean and re-organize a little bit. The pics I took are fuzzy but you get the idea. (The wooden thing on the stove is a recipe holder that Zane made.) And the books that you see in the corner are library books (cookbooks) that are actually going back soon.Hopefully soon, we can get the phone off the counter too and hang it on the wall somewhere.
This is definitely are trouble spot. The island is a clutter catcher. One day we hope to install a stove with a grill so maybe that will eliminate this problem a little bit.

I also finished my laundry room. In our old house we had a huge laundry room at the back of the house where we piled tons of junk. In this house, we have a tiny laundry room (especially with our HE dryer and washer) that is right in the door we use all the time. I decided some time ago that I would make this the Laundry room/Mud room. I have always wanted a mud room.
So I had Jim build this little bench (which is really a shelf). Underneath are places for laundry baskets that will hold dirty (and sometimes clean) clothes. On top, each child has a basket for shoes. Each basket is labeled with name and picture of child (pictures for the littles that don't know how to read yet.) I am heading to IKEA in a couple of weeks and already have metal hooks picked out for hanging above the baskets for book bags and diaper bags and things like that. In the middle compartment underneath, I have two red buckets with gloves, mittens, and hats. I labeled these with removable labels so they can be re-labeled in the spring and summer to be used for something else. We hung a low rack with pegs to be used for coats so that everyone can grab their own coat when we are headed out the door.
I still have a small bench (the yellow thing next to the washer) so they can sit and put on shoes. The shelf behind it used to be filled to the top with papers and junk that I need to sort through. It now holds my laundry supplies. The cabinet that hangs on the wall is a medicine cabinet in one side and the other two parts hold extra cleaning supplies. On top of this shelf is extra laundry baskets and the cleaning supplies that I use to clean now.
I love it now. It is so much more usable than it has been and the kids are actually using it too. So if they can remember to use it then I have accomplished what I set out to do. I will post more of the things we are working on later.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Goals

I have 2 sick kids at home today. Maci Clare is still battling the ear infections plus the antibiotic has caused stomach issues and really bad diaper rash (if it can even be called that). Jack has the stomach thing (or did last night) and unlike most parents if my kid throws up then I keep them home.
So being stuck at home has caused me to create some goals for myself.

1. Clear out the laundry room (that means no clothes and all clothes put away.)
2. Go through all the papers that are lying around and file them/throw them away/put in scrapbooks.
3. Sew for a few minutes.
4. Make a couple pieces of jewelry.

In reality I'm not sure how much I will get to but we will see and I will post pictures of the ones I complete.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping Trips

Yesterday when Jim got home from work, I immediately left for a quick trip to Publix. It wasn't a great week at Publix and my coupon savings amounted to only about $15. (I guess every little bit helps.) They were out of several things I went for so I thought I would try again today.
While I was in Easley, I decided since it K-Mart was having a spectacular double coupon even (double coupons up to $2), I would check in and see what they had. It turned out to be a great trip.

18 Qt. Rubbermaid Box
Lever 2000 6 pack
Red Turtleneck (for MC)
3 tubes of Colgate Kids Toothpaste
1 Kids Colgate Dora Toothbrush
2 Bags of Ricola Cough Drops
2 Bottles of Gilette Shampoo
2 bottles of Sunsilk Shampoo
2 bottles of Sunsilk Conditioner
2 boxes of Ziploc Sandwich Bags
1 Jumbo Pull ups

Total = $60.96 OOP= $30.12

Then this morning, my 2nd trip to Publix was pretty good.
1 box of NY Garlic Breadsticks
2 bottles of Crisco EVOO
5 cans of Pillsbury Crescents
6 cans of Pillsbury Pizza Crusts
Total= $26..83 OOP = $15.11 Plus, I will send in my receipt for a $10 Publix Gift Card

To make my trip extra special, IHOP is right beside Publix and Maci Clare and I stopped in for free pancakes. YUMMY! And it was to benefit a great cause (Children's Miracle Network).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Parents Just Don't Understand

Remember the old Fresh Prince song, "Parents Just Don't Understand". This one line has taken on a new meaning for me. Just in the last few months, I have found parents who don't have multiple children have no clue what it is like to be in our shoes. Even if you ask and we try to explain, you laugh it off and say, "Oh, I couldn't do that." or "I don't know how you do that." But then you do not hesitate to tell us what we are doing wrong when we won't do what you think is best for your organization or the activity or cause that you think is most important. Parents of one or two children don't understand that we as parents of more than 2 have to draw the line somewhere. If we don't, we are sacrificing precious time. My view of precious time is time spent with my family, friends and husband. Time on other things is important but not as important as my relationships. So all that being said, I hope you understand when we say "NO" to Cub Scouts every week. And "NO" to more time spent on instruments and band practices. And "NO" to sports that you think my child should be playing because "he is so good". And "NO" to Poker nights with the guys or girls night out when I haven't seen my family all week. So be mad if you want. Say whatever you want about Jim and I. You can even whisper behind my back if you want but we will not sacrifice our marriage and our family because you think these things are best. So next time you feel you need to judge me because I said "NO", try to put yourself in my shoes and then maybe you will be a little more understanding about the word "NO".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My 1 year Bloggiversary-Better Late Than Never

We just got home after a long day of Scout stuff and errands and all kinds of other things and I forgot that today is my 1 year Bloggiversary.

"Happy Bloggiversary to me, Happy Bloggiversary to me,
Happy Bloggiversary Dear Muddlin'Thru Motherhood.
Happy Bloggiversary to me."

I do have a giveaway coming soon. Just something to get you in the mood for Spring (even though it is supposed to snow tonight). So check back next week and see what it is. (Nothing to do with the Bloggiversary but a giveaway none the less.) I will try to post a few pics in the next few days too. Right now, I am going to relax. It is 10:40pm and it is about that time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baking Day

Today was baking day for me. I have been baking all afternoon. However, none of it will go in the freezer and none of it will be saved for us. It is all going out of the house. First I made 5 Red Velvet Cakes for this: It is a volcano cake. It is 5 layers with chocolate icing and then white icing colored red, orange,and yellow for the lava. I made a whole in the top so we can put a votive candle with dry ice in it so it will smoke tomorrow. The Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet is tomorrow morning and this is the centerpiece for our table. The theme is Jurassic so we are going to put plastic and a few homemade clay dinosaurs around the cake. I think the boys will love it. Especially the smoke.
Then with the left over batter I made a dozen cupcakes for a cake walk. And then I bake peanut butter cookies with kisses in the center to take to the bluegrass jam tonight. So I am through cooking and we are probably headed to eat out. Just because I don't want to cook anything else. TGIF!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Got It! I Got It! I Got It!

I am so excited. Everyday after I pick up the boys from school, we stop by the mail box (ours is a mile away from our house so you can't just walk out the front door and pick up the mail.) So Gabe reaches out the window everyday and wrestles the mail out. He is anxiously awaiting a new Harry Potter game for the PC so when he saw the package that was in the box yesterday he started yelling and then Zane joined in. Much to their disappointment, it was for mom. And then I started yelling. This is what I got.
I first heard about this book from Sarah at Life in the Parsonage . She even gave away a copy but unfortunately I didn't win. I requested a copy at the library only to find out that someone had stolen the only copy they had. So I ordered a used copy from Amazon and it came yesterday. I am sooooo excited.
I have been organizing and cleaning out. We are making another trip to IKEA as soon as we can find a time to get to go. I have big plans for my house. It is already getting better. Just with the major clean outs, it is easier to maintain. So that is why I am looking forward to reading this book. Thanks, Sarah for the suggestion.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Rest of Tuesday's Post! Or Was It Wednesday? Oh well, anyway, here it goes.

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, on Monday! What happened was so exciting? Gabe's bluegrass group was chosen to be on the Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly show. (This is a local show filmed in downtown Greenville for those of you that don't live around here.) We headed out to a final practice on Sunday night and Monday morning was so exciting. We took everyone else to school and me, Gabe, and Maci Clare headed downtown. Now get this, there are 83 YAMs and 9 of them were chosen to be on the show. Gabe just happened to be one of them. They did such a good job. Wait, let me share a few pictures. (You thought you'd get out of it, didn't you?)This one was right when we got there and they were tuning their instruments and getting ready to go.
They wanted everyone on the steps so the camera could get a shot of them when the show came on. I was sitting behind everyone so I couldn't be seen on tv.This is during the commercial break when they were trying to get everyone set up for the segment.I could tell the minute the camera was on by the looks on their faces. Aren't the funny?
The two hosts stepped off the stage and they were off. They did such a good job. They got to play two songs. One as the show was ending. But it was such a great experience. One they'll never forget. If you are interested in watching the segment you can go here and see it. It is worth the 6 minutes it takes to watch it. They sound like pros.
Now the rest of the week has been just as busy but we are finally slowing down. Today will be the end of busy-ness (at least for a couple of days). We really need some down time and Monday is a teacher work day so the kids are out of school. What will we do? Maybe just stay home and do nothing. Zane wants to go skating but I'm not sure we will be that brave. The weather has been great here. The afternoons have been in the high 60's and low 70's (aren't you people from the north jealous?) I can prove how warm it's been. Just look at my kids playing on the deck Wednesday. Jack took his shirt off because he was hot and Maci Clare laid in the sun.

We made these cute Valentine's for eveyone's classes. I thought they turned out pretty good (even though the picture is not that great.). The idea was here and there were so many to choose from we had a hard time. Gabe kept saying, "No, that 's too lovey." Boys!
I am off to set up for two Valentine's parties at the school (I am room mother for Gabe and Zane's classes.) Then off to set up for an after concert party. Then off to a YAMs Benefit concert (Helen White and Wayne Henderson). So it will be late when we get home tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Craziness That We Call Life

These past few days have been the craziest with schedules and activities. Our family has been up to so many things, it is hard to document all of them. It may even take more than one post.
Friday night, the boys went to the circus. They had a wonderful time. The circus hosted a boy scout clinic before the circus started and they got up close and personal.This was by far the favorite of the night. We have looked at this picture and zoomed in on the elephant's mouth a million time. He is feeding the elephant a whole loaf of bread.I had to include this picture because of the expense of it. Jim bought a bag of cotton candy at the circus and it was $12. I could not believe how expensive it was. I have eaten two meals today at McDonald's and it did not cost as much as that one bag of cotton candy. How can you afford to even do anything fun with your family? That is why when momma is along, momma says, "No!" We eat after the circus.
Anyway, Maci Clare and I went to Outback with my mom and dad, went to visit an old friend and stopped for a Hobby Lobby fix.

Saturday morning early, we headed out for Atlanta. If you've been reading my blog for long, you know that I participated in a Mission Trip to the International Village in Atlanta this summer. My dad's church collected school supplies to help one of the missionaries, Cathy Palmer, with some of her ministry activities. Our first stop was to deliver these supplies. If you want to read more about her mission field and the ministry of her family go to her blog.This picture was taken at the Clarkson Community Center where they were having an International Craft Fair. This is the group of kids that we were with.
Our next stop was the CNN building for lunch. (We only went there because of the food court.) Then on to The World Of Coca-Cola. I did not expect this to be fun for the kids but they loved it. There was so much to see and do there. I really didn't take that many pics just because there wasn't much to take pictures of .I love this picture because it was so not posed even though it looks like it. The bear was just messing around with Zane and chewing on his head and I snapped the picture. We had one of Gabe's friends with us that day so Tanner is the kid in the blue shirt to the right of the bear.
I want this chair in my house. All the furniture in the World of Coke was like this. It was funky but very comfy. Jack was sitting in the corner pouting because he didn't want to sit in anyone's lap. Oh well, you can't in 'em all!
After tasting every Coke product known to man, we left and went to IKEA. This was my first visit and I am in love. For all of you that have an IKEA close enough to go all the time, I don't know how you can stick to your budget if you visit there often. We stayed 2 hours and I felt like I still had so much more to see. There will definitely be a trip back there in our near future. We didn't get back home until around 10:30. The kids were exhausted.
Sunday morning the alarm went off too early. But Jim and I had to be at church bright early to work in the 1st grade room so off we went. After 2 services, we met my parents for lunch. By the time we arrived back home it was 3pm. (I am so glad we don't have church on Sunday night and I do not envy those of you who have to go back!) I took a short nap (by accident) and then it was off to an "emergency" practice for the Gabe's little bluegrass band. They were asked to play on Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly (which is a local tv show) so they had to get in some practice time. We met at the house of the director and they ran through what they were going to play and nailed down all the instructions. We didn't get back home until about 8pm and still had to eat supper.
Now here is where the fun begins. You know what? I think I will leave you hanging until later. Monday was fantastic and I will post more about it tomorrow. Also I got some great deals at Publix I want to share. So I'll post more about all that tomorrow.
And one more thing, here is how the Scrabble tile pendants turned out. This picture is not very good but you can get a good idea of what they look like. The red one in the picture looks like it has some glue or something on it but it doesn't. It was the first one I made and definitely not as good as the other ones I have made since then but I still like it. I love them and I am going to make more when I get time. I have been wearing the black and white one everyday because I love it so much. I also bought some wooden nickels and round wood pieces to make some bigger pendants. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Juicy Winner

We randomly (wrote numbers on little pieces of paper and let Maci Clare draw out of a hat) picked a winner. And the winner is...
Sarah bs.webster@
Sarah, I sent you an email. Send me your info as soon as you can. Congratulations!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Pictures

It seems I haven't had a lot to say on my blog lately. Just been posting grocery deals. But today I am going to post some random pictures. (My MIL will love me for that.)
The first picture (don't look if you don't like gross) shows you just how well the potty training is going.I was called in to take a peek at this so I just had to grab my camera. And of course everyone had to come take a look (you know how the boys are).I think this is hilarious because the boys thought the poop floating in the bathtub was great and Maci Clare was trying to look all innocent over there. Those Boys!

This is what Gabe spends his days and nights doing. He is reading the Harry Potter series and can't seem to get enough. He is on the last one now. I don't what he will read next because he will probably think nothing compares. But we'll find something.Jack patiently waits on his dad every afternoon so he can play "Better Batter Baseball". This is his obsession right now along with Game Boy. But he hasn't been outside too much because it has been raining. He is hoping for some time today. Speaking of Jack, after getting him up for school the other morning, this is where I found him. He was curled up on the island in the kitchen on his blanket asleep. When I grabbed my camera, he grabbed his too.
Since I haven't posted too many pics lately, I thought I would add this one. I just think it is funny. After Christmas when we gave the go ahead to eat the gingerbread house, this is what Maci Clare and Jack did.
And I am determined to make some of the Scrabble tile pendants that have become so popular in the bloggy world. So I raided our Scrabble game and I was counting how many I had. I pulled out four at a time and this was the first 4 I pulled out. How ironic is that? The 4 letters that spell my name.
Anyway, I will be randomly pick a winner tonight and let you know who won the juice giveaway tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Love Monday

Isn't that unusual? But the reason I love Monday is because that is my Publix day. I haven't been in a couple of weeks. Jim went last week but it is just not the same. So here's what I did today at Publix.
Here is the list:
2 Tombstone Pizzas (not pictured)
2 Bird's Eye Voila Meals (not pictured)
4 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal
4 boxes of Wheat Thins
2 Boxes of Keebler Clubhouse Crackers
2 bags of Goldfish
Pam Olive Oil Spray
2 bags of Cheerios Snack Mix
2 bags of Chex Mix
2 boxes of Ziploc Freezer Bags
6 cans of Hunt's tomatoes
2 packs of McCormick Chili Seasoning
4 bottles of Elmer's Glue
Bag of Baby Carrots
2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Publix Special Roast Coffee
2 bags of Pretzel Crisps
2 containers of Sabras Hummus

Total= $63.16 OOP=$36.95
Then of course I had to make time for a quick trip to get my Hobby Lobby fix. I am working on something and if it turns out like I think I'll be posting pictures soon.
***Don't forget about the giveaway. I will choose a winner tomorrow night so make sure you scroll down and leave a comment.