Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Pictures

It seems I haven't had a lot to say on my blog lately. Just been posting grocery deals. But today I am going to post some random pictures. (My MIL will love me for that.)
The first picture (don't look if you don't like gross) shows you just how well the potty training is going.I was called in to take a peek at this so I just had to grab my camera. And of course everyone had to come take a look (you know how the boys are).I think this is hilarious because the boys thought the poop floating in the bathtub was great and Maci Clare was trying to look all innocent over there. Those Boys!

This is what Gabe spends his days and nights doing. He is reading the Harry Potter series and can't seem to get enough. He is on the last one now. I don't what he will read next because he will probably think nothing compares. But we'll find something.Jack patiently waits on his dad every afternoon so he can play "Better Batter Baseball". This is his obsession right now along with Game Boy. But he hasn't been outside too much because it has been raining. He is hoping for some time today. Speaking of Jack, after getting him up for school the other morning, this is where I found him. He was curled up on the island in the kitchen on his blanket asleep. When I grabbed my camera, he grabbed his too.
Since I haven't posted too many pics lately, I thought I would add this one. I just think it is funny. After Christmas when we gave the go ahead to eat the gingerbread house, this is what Maci Clare and Jack did.
And I am determined to make some of the Scrabble tile pendants that have become so popular in the bloggy world. So I raided our Scrabble game and I was counting how many I had. I pulled out four at a time and this was the first 4 I pulled out. How ironic is that? The 4 letters that spell my name.
Anyway, I will be randomly pick a winner tonight and let you know who won the juice giveaway tomorrow.


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

The first pictures are cracking me up. Funny.

Becc said...

Okay! The poop is GROSS!
I want to make the Scrabble jewelry also! Do you know how!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What great pictures! What is it with boys and poop?!? Sometimes mine will call each other into the bathroom to look at it in the toilet, like its an accomplishment!

*sigh* :)