Friday, February 13, 2009

The Rest of Tuesday's Post! Or Was It Wednesday? Oh well, anyway, here it goes.

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, on Monday! What happened was so exciting? Gabe's bluegrass group was chosen to be on the Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly show. (This is a local show filmed in downtown Greenville for those of you that don't live around here.) We headed out to a final practice on Sunday night and Monday morning was so exciting. We took everyone else to school and me, Gabe, and Maci Clare headed downtown. Now get this, there are 83 YAMs and 9 of them were chosen to be on the show. Gabe just happened to be one of them. They did such a good job. Wait, let me share a few pictures. (You thought you'd get out of it, didn't you?)This one was right when we got there and they were tuning their instruments and getting ready to go.
They wanted everyone on the steps so the camera could get a shot of them when the show came on. I was sitting behind everyone so I couldn't be seen on tv.This is during the commercial break when they were trying to get everyone set up for the segment.I could tell the minute the camera was on by the looks on their faces. Aren't the funny?
The two hosts stepped off the stage and they were off. They did such a good job. They got to play two songs. One as the show was ending. But it was such a great experience. One they'll never forget. If you are interested in watching the segment you can go here and see it. It is worth the 6 minutes it takes to watch it. They sound like pros.
Now the rest of the week has been just as busy but we are finally slowing down. Today will be the end of busy-ness (at least for a couple of days). We really need some down time and Monday is a teacher work day so the kids are out of school. What will we do? Maybe just stay home and do nothing. Zane wants to go skating but I'm not sure we will be that brave. The weather has been great here. The afternoons have been in the high 60's and low 70's (aren't you people from the north jealous?) I can prove how warm it's been. Just look at my kids playing on the deck Wednesday. Jack took his shirt off because he was hot and Maci Clare laid in the sun.

We made these cute Valentine's for eveyone's classes. I thought they turned out pretty good (even though the picture is not that great.). The idea was here and there were so many to choose from we had a hard time. Gabe kept saying, "No, that 's too lovey." Boys!
I am off to set up for two Valentine's parties at the school (I am room mother for Gabe and Zane's classes.) Then off to set up for an after concert party. Then off to a YAMs Benefit concert (Helen White and Wayne Henderson). So it will be late when we get home tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Michelle said...

Great pictures...I know he had a great time being on TV...He's a star now!

Have fun tonight and Happy Valentines to you too!

Southerner said...

He's a star now, huh? Is that not so weird to go from snow to taking off your shirt?

I am surprised about your comment on the table decorations- you are so crafty I would think you would be putting all kinds of things together:) I know you can, but don't waste the moments with your kids to worry with that stuff if it stresses you out. Life is too short.

Becc said...

Absolutely LOVE the fact that you are involved with Dave Ramsey!! It really gives me inspiration to hear other's success stories! Also, YES! I am completely jealous of your warm weather! We are supposed to get 4-10" of snow in the next two days. Yucky. I'm ready for spring!
Enjoy your resting time!