Saturday, February 21, 2009

My 1 year Bloggiversary-Better Late Than Never

We just got home after a long day of Scout stuff and errands and all kinds of other things and I forgot that today is my 1 year Bloggiversary.

"Happy Bloggiversary to me, Happy Bloggiversary to me,
Happy Bloggiversary Dear Muddlin'Thru Motherhood.
Happy Bloggiversary to me."

I do have a giveaway coming soon. Just something to get you in the mood for Spring (even though it is supposed to snow tonight). So check back next week and see what it is. (Nothing to do with the Bloggiversary but a giveaway none the less.) I will try to post a few pics in the next few days too. Right now, I am going to relax. It is 10:40pm and it is about that time.


tammy H. said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

Southerner said...

It has amazed me to be able to make true friends on the computer- never thought I would do that. You have become a friend that I feel like I grew up with or something. I hope one day we can meet in real life and shop and eat and go get some chocolate. Happy blogiversary!

Marian said...

Happy Bloggiversary!! I thought of you today...I went to a "tea party" as a guest of one of our church members and our centerpieces were so cute...they were flower pots but all the "flowers" were ediable desserts that a mom & her daughter made. Very crafty like your volcano!

Michelle said...

Happy Bloggiversary! Love the new look!