Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Goals

I have 2 sick kids at home today. Maci Clare is still battling the ear infections plus the antibiotic has caused stomach issues and really bad diaper rash (if it can even be called that). Jack has the stomach thing (or did last night) and unlike most parents if my kid throws up then I keep them home.
So being stuck at home has caused me to create some goals for myself.

1. Clear out the laundry room (that means no clothes and all clothes put away.)
2. Go through all the papers that are lying around and file them/throw them away/put in scrapbooks.
3. Sew for a few minutes.
4. Make a couple pieces of jewelry.

In reality I'm not sure how much I will get to but we will see and I will post pictures of the ones I complete.


Michelle said...

Good luck with your goals...mine never go as planned but I always have good intentions. I've managed to have at least 1 sick kid a week for the past month...hope everyone feels better soon!

Ice House said...

Good luck! Even if you don't get it all done, be proud of what you do accomplish. Praying everyone is well soon.

Marian said...

Hey, I've got a great remedy for the diaper rash caused by the medicine...when I was keeping Sam & Jack, Sam had a similar thing going on and the Doc. told them to put an antacid on it! Like liquid Mylanta. They just covered a cotton ball and covered his booty-it seemed to help some! Good luck with the list! I need to do the same!

Windy said...

Good luck - you are doing better than me - my goal today is to sit and watch whatever Karson picks out (help me now) and sit some more with him. Kaylee is upstairs, still sick and when I called the drs. office to see if we needed to come in or if they would just give her another excuse for today - they wanted to talk to HER! What a slap in the face! My baby is sick and yes, she is 18, but I am still taking care of her!
PS Make me some jewelry while you're at it:)
Have a good productive day!

Becc said...

Good for you! I will be preparing my taxes, to take to the accountant, this weekend- so I'm sure the paper filing will become one of mine as well.
Another will be my laundry room! We SO need organization!