Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Craziness That We Call Life

These past few days have been the craziest with schedules and activities. Our family has been up to so many things, it is hard to document all of them. It may even take more than one post.
Friday night, the boys went to the circus. They had a wonderful time. The circus hosted a boy scout clinic before the circus started and they got up close and personal.This was by far the favorite of the night. We have looked at this picture and zoomed in on the elephant's mouth a million time. He is feeding the elephant a whole loaf of bread.I had to include this picture because of the expense of it. Jim bought a bag of cotton candy at the circus and it was $12. I could not believe how expensive it was. I have eaten two meals today at McDonald's and it did not cost as much as that one bag of cotton candy. How can you afford to even do anything fun with your family? That is why when momma is along, momma says, "No!" We eat after the circus.
Anyway, Maci Clare and I went to Outback with my mom and dad, went to visit an old friend and stopped for a Hobby Lobby fix.

Saturday morning early, we headed out for Atlanta. If you've been reading my blog for long, you know that I participated in a Mission Trip to the International Village in Atlanta this summer. My dad's church collected school supplies to help one of the missionaries, Cathy Palmer, with some of her ministry activities. Our first stop was to deliver these supplies. If you want to read more about her mission field and the ministry of her family go to her blog.This picture was taken at the Clarkson Community Center where they were having an International Craft Fair. This is the group of kids that we were with.
Our next stop was the CNN building for lunch. (We only went there because of the food court.) Then on to The World Of Coca-Cola. I did not expect this to be fun for the kids but they loved it. There was so much to see and do there. I really didn't take that many pics just because there wasn't much to take pictures of .I love this picture because it was so not posed even though it looks like it. The bear was just messing around with Zane and chewing on his head and I snapped the picture. We had one of Gabe's friends with us that day so Tanner is the kid in the blue shirt to the right of the bear.
I want this chair in my house. All the furniture in the World of Coke was like this. It was funky but very comfy. Jack was sitting in the corner pouting because he didn't want to sit in anyone's lap. Oh well, you can't in 'em all!
After tasting every Coke product known to man, we left and went to IKEA. This was my first visit and I am in love. For all of you that have an IKEA close enough to go all the time, I don't know how you can stick to your budget if you visit there often. We stayed 2 hours and I felt like I still had so much more to see. There will definitely be a trip back there in our near future. We didn't get back home until around 10:30. The kids were exhausted.
Sunday morning the alarm went off too early. But Jim and I had to be at church bright early to work in the 1st grade room so off we went. After 2 services, we met my parents for lunch. By the time we arrived back home it was 3pm. (I am so glad we don't have church on Sunday night and I do not envy those of you who have to go back!) I took a short nap (by accident) and then it was off to an "emergency" practice for the Gabe's little bluegrass band. They were asked to play on Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly (which is a local tv show) so they had to get in some practice time. We met at the house of the director and they ran through what they were going to play and nailed down all the instructions. We didn't get back home until about 8pm and still had to eat supper.
Now here is where the fun begins. You know what? I think I will leave you hanging until later. Monday was fantastic and I will post more about it tomorrow. Also I got some great deals at Publix I want to share. So I'll post more about all that tomorrow.
And one more thing, here is how the Scrabble tile pendants turned out. This picture is not very good but you can get a good idea of what they look like. The red one in the picture looks like it has some glue or something on it but it doesn't. It was the first one I made and definitely not as good as the other ones I have made since then but I still like it. I love them and I am going to make more when I get time. I have been wearing the black and white one everyday because I love it so much. I also bought some wooden nickels and round wood pieces to make some bigger pendants. I'll let you know how they turn out.


Southerner said...

I like! I want to make some! I didn't get my oldest daughter one with her initials so I might try to find scrapbook initials and make her one. I would like to make them for my Bible study ladies.

Windy said...

Okay, so leave us hanging for the next post! LOVE the tiles - we don't have a scrabble game, or if we do/did I can't find it. Goodwill may have one. I want to try to do that!

Jennifer McJunkin said...

Hello! Love the pendants. Did you know that Ikea is opening a new store in Charlotte in the next week or so? DH had to go work on some of the equipment on site the other day, and he said they were getting ready to open. Thank goodness there is not one any closer! LOL!

cara martin said...

Your favorite sister in law would love to know about the scrabble tile necklaces! They are so cute! You can make me one if you want!! :)

Michelle said...

Love the necklace...looks like ya'll had lots of fun!

Marian said...

I agree with everyone else...love the pendants! I enlarged the picture of you guys sitting in the big chair, Maci Clare's hair is so beautiful!

Becc said...

Great job!
Love them!