Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday FUN

The bloggy world seems a little slow this week but that doesn't stop me from spending all of my free time cruising the internet for new blogs. My posts seem to have lagged a bit this week too. I know it is Spring Break for some. But not us! We still have 2 more weeks. I don't like it but on the positive side, it may be even warmer than the 67 degrees that we had today. Anyway, being Good Friday, hubby had the day off. We tried to pass off some cub scout requirements. We tried our museum first and it was closed. Then the geological museum was closed. So we settled for the Botanical Gardens at Clemson University. Definitely worth it. The sun was shining. The flowers are starting to bloom. It was a beautiful day. We relaxed by the Duck Pond and I couldn't help snapping some pictures. Here are a few...

Little J took this one. I was quite impressed.

This one was kinda posed but I still thought it was cute.

Gman is the only kid that ever really cooperates. You just have to get lucky if you want one with everyone smiling. Little J has developed a weird "picture" smile. I do not like it but if that's all I can get I guess I have to satisfied.

We tried to see the Easter Bunny too. I have a picture that Walmart made of MC by herself. She is smiling but in the picture of her and the two older boys (Little J refused to see the Easter Bunny) she is crying. I'll try to post those later. Here are the ones I shot with my camera.

Little J refused and so I captured a picture of his daddy trying to pull him from beneath the cart. I need something to embarrass him with when he gets older. Even though he refused the Easter Bunny, we did get this...

a shot of Little J with a inflatable "Easter" Turkey.


Michelle said...

Great pictures....Everything is beautiful at Clemson!!!!