Monday, March 3, 2008


Today was a pretty slow day. I have been working on laundry all day. G came home from school at 1pm with a fever of 101 degrees. The mountains of laundry are piled on my bed waiting for me to go and fold and put away . Hubby is away tonight teaching a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class. So I guess I still have a little time to get things together.

I included pictures so you could see I'm not exaggerating.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for me. It is my birthday and I have an exciting day planned. It won't be typical birthday plans but just as exciting. Check back tomorrow night to see my post.


Michelle said...

Wow...we were gone for the weekend and that's what my room looks like...with laundry, suit cases, and toys to be washed and un-packed..Good luck girl...I'm going to finish up on my mess now.

Glad the water situation is getting better!