Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today is my birthday and I told you I have some exciting news. It has been a long day but a very "Happy" one. (I've included a video/song for your listening pleasure.)


Now you see them!

Now you don't!

The braces have been removed. After 3 years and 4 months, my mouth is finally free.

Tonight I ate pizza and didn't have to pick food out of my braces. Oh what a glorious feeling. So feel free to congratulate me! I will be back in metal in one week because I have to wear a retainer on top and bottom but that is nothing compared to a mouth full of braces.

On a different note. Thanks Windy for wishing me a Happy Birthday on your blog today. That was really exciting.


Windy said...

hey Tami - You are very welcome for the little note yesterday. I totally know what it is like to be the Mommy and sometimes feel a little overlooked:) So I thought that would be nice. I have really enjoyed this blogging thing and keeping up with you, I feel like I am getting to know you without all of the "family" stuff, you know? Anyway, I know that wonderful getting your braces off feeling! Kind of naked though, right? The retainers are not bad, but try to remember to wear them like they tell you to. I bet the kids don't know what to think, they probably cant remember you without them - looks good:)

chelle's winks said...

Happy Birthday and Good for you...I had braces too and it's a wonderful feeling to have them removed! I'm with Windy...wear your retainer as they tell you...