Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Busy Wednesday

Boy, today was soooo busy and after the late night we had going to see Def Lepard (which was awesome), I am tired. I have been feeling a little sick all day. I'm just too old for late nights and rock concerts, I guess.
In this post, I have made the decision to use my kids real names just because I think it makes it easier.
Anyway, I did make it to see the Spelling Bee today. Gabe had to sit down in the 5th round. He misspelled the word "early". After the bee he came running up and the first thing he said was, "I know how to spell early. I was just so nervous I messed up." Oh well, we live and learn.
Then we went back at 1:30 for the Awards program. Gabe got an award for all A's. This is the third nine weeks of all A's.
Then we left school and went to the nursing home to see my grandma. Baby Tess and her new mommy met us down there and my grandma got to hold her for the first time. Of course, everyone thought she was beautiful. They had a bluegrass group playing for the residents. Little Jack sang as loud as he could while Maci Clare danced. What did the baby do? She fell asleep of course. It seems she likes things a little on the noisy side. She'll fit right in with our family.
Then off to church tonight and tomorrow we are going to Columbia for the field trip so I'll be gone all day. May or may not post tomorrow. Now I'm off to collapse in bed.


chelle's winks said...

A good rest is just what it sounds like you need. You have one thing after the other going on this month..

Windy said...

Congrats to Gabe! The new baby is beautiful and her eyes are so pretty, and huge. She looks like she is trying to take it all in and is afraid she might miss something. How old is she?

Southerner said...

I am checking in on the weight thingy. I posted late yesterday. This week is crazy with SAT testing and baseball so I am not good at blogging or checking up on everyone with the craziness. Hope all is well. I lost 1 lb. I am continuing to try to make this fit in my life and not give up when I fall.

chelle's winks said... you mind if I put you on my site.If not, what is your URL so I can correct what I have..