Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday FUN: Not So Fun

Our last day of Spring Break has turned out to be a bust. My plan was to go to Table Rock and go hiking and picnicing (is that a word?) and maybe get in a little fishing. Last night as I was cleaning my nasty bathroom, I bent over and out went my back. So I am sitting in front of the computer on a heating pad downing 3-4 Advil at a time. I am having trouble moving around and especially lifting babies. So hubby went to work this morning and came home to meet a LG repairmen (this is another story for another time). He decided to stay at home the rest of the afternoon and get some things done and help me. This is what he's been doing since lunch.

I just woke him up to get Maci Clare out of my lap. She has decided she wants to be attached to my boob all the time. Just when I thought the nursing was dwindling. She is using me as a pacifier and with my back messed up, I just can't wrestle her around to make her stop. Oh well, I guess one day, I will cherish these days.
Earlier, the kids went on the deck and played in the water table that I bought at a thrift store for $4. Great way to spend $4.

It really was not quite as warm as it looks in this picture. But, remember, I'm trying to be a "yes mom".
Gabe has a friend coming to spend the night tonight. We have a baseball game tomorrow morning (barring no rain) and Jim has a softball game tomorrow afternoon. We were hoping for a quick date night tomorrow after the game so I need to start looking for a babysitter now.
Oh well, maybe the end of my Friday will be better. Does anyone have any suggestions for making the back pain go away? I'll take anything at this point. My Stay at Home vs. Working Mom post will continue in the next couple of days. I'm looking forward to hearing some other opinions on this matter.


Karen_thrifty said...

We have one of these water tables. My kids got it last year for their birthday. It costs $40 though. :( The bad news is, this winter it got water in it, the water froze, and it broke the bottom of the table. I'm not happy about it. :(