Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Little Bragging

Today, Gabe was awarded a limo ride to a restaurant. He was one of 16 students at his school who go to do Limos For Learning. The kids had to read 20 minutes everyday and keep a journal of what they read. Everyday a parent has to sign the journal to prove that the student read. OF course, his slacker mom, almost missed them leaving in the limo because I didn't know what time the limo was going to leave. But I drove up just in time to snap a few pictures.

Here's the limo: Lincoln Navigator

Notice the champagne glasses in the background.

Gabe and his best friend were both chosen. That made it extra special.

This was the sign on the side of the limo.

There they go!

What a great incentive for reading!


chelle's winks said...

I love this idea. Think I'll mention it to Kyles school. Great going Gabe!

Limo Lady said...

I stumbled across your blog this evening while searching for recent media coverage of the Limos For Learning Literacy Celebration Day event in Simpsonville last Wednesday. Congrats to Gabe and his wonderful classmates! Please remind him of the promise he made to us during the event (to keep reading this summer - :)). Feel free to share information about the program with other schools from our website:

The deadline for submission of school participation requests is June 1, 2008 for the next school year. Schools may contact us from the website. Also - great photos of your school kids will be posted on the site (hopefully) next week.

Again, congrats Gabe! We are awfully proud of your hard work and reading improvement this year!

Betsy Ross
President and Founder
Limos For Learning

Limo Lady said...

Two Limos For Learning links you might enjoy: