Sunday, April 13, 2008

God Speaks!

I think God is telling me something. I've had a bad attitude about some things at church. I'm not sure why except maybe the devil was at work because I left myself open to him. We started missing a lot of church in January because of sick kids. It seemed every time we went to church at least one kid would get sick and then it would go through the whole family. Our church is huge and I know with that many kids in and out of the classrooms and nurseries, it is hard to keep kids well. Anyway, we kinda just got out of the habit of going and I was still making excuses not to go. We still went to home group and participated some activities at my dad's church (which is a lot closer to home). So I told myself that my kids were still getting what they need. But I knew in the back of my mind, that I wasn't doing the right thing for me or my family. I felt very guilty every Sunday. ButI just didn't feel ready to go back to church.
But God begin working about 3 weeks ago and this is what he did:

1. March 30: While reading my usual blogs a couple of weeks ago, I came across this. Why the Church? Bottom line, Jesus wants us to grow his kingdom.. to build His church. So why am I sleeping late and missing what Jesus has for me and my family?

2. April 5: My middle son, (who by the way, has got "it" spiritually) said, "Why are we not going to church?" No explanation needed, right?

3. April 5: While looking for some inspiration for a short devotion to present to our home group, I found this devotion by Lysa TerKeurst. The verses that stood out to me in this were Colossians 3: 15-17. I did not have the "peace of Christ". My attitude was rotten. How could the Word "dwell" in me? I wasn't even going to church. This devotion said that we have to choose to have the peace of Christ. And choose to be thankful. And I realized I had to choose to get up and get moving on Sunday morning.

4. April 6: So Sunday morning we were at church and that's when we heard the "Unstoppable" sermon.

5. April 7: On Monday afternoon, I received a magazine in the mail from Joyce Meyer Ministries. The whole magazine was about having a good attitude.

6. April 13: This morning was the second "Unstoppable" sermon. Our pastor asked us "Are you a convert or are you a disciple?" Convert being a person who is a Christian but doesn't do anything but "church watch". Disciple being a "do-er".

So what now? I am working really hard to change my attitude. I don't want my children to grow up thinking I have a bad attitude about church. No church is perfect just like no person is perfect. That is why Jesus died, to take care of our imperfections. I need to take responsibility for my attitude and choose to have the "peace of Christ rule my heart". I want my children to know that it is a privilege to get to go to church and worship. And I don't want to raise a family of "church watchers".

What God wants from me now remains to be seen. But I'm sure He's not finished and I will let you know what is to come.

One of my favorite songs seems really appropriate here so I am leaving you with this video from Hillsong.


Southerner said...

Isn't it so good to know that we have a God that seeks us when we stray away? We sang HE KNOWS MY NAME yesterday and in the second verse the preacher got up and interupted with tears in his eyes. He said that he wanted us to really get that- that he knows each of us by name, he sees each tear that falls. He then went down the aisle and stopped at different people and asked what their name was. It was so touching to let it sink in that He does know and care for us.

I have fought being discouraged that in 14 months we have not been invited to anyone's home except for ss parties or the dinner group that we joined. I miss living our lives with those we go to church with and eating and playing games and cards, going to the park, going to the beach, and just enjoying each other. People seem so busy here. God showed me that instead of becoming bitter I need to be the one to initiate having people over and reaching out (which is one of my gifts.)

Love your photos in bed on movie night. I bet your first thought was- I can put this on my blog- huh?

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I love this song!

Windy said...

I have been having "church issues" myself. I get upset with myself thinking that my hubby should be the motivator as the head of the household but since he isn't, that just leaves me. I tell myself that God gives me 6 days a week to do as I please and the least I can do for Him is to get dressed up and give Him my BEST on Sunday morning. Please help me pray for our family in that church search:)

chelle's winks said...

This one really hits home!

Karen_thrifty said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you go to Marathon. I need to email you!!!!