Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Shopping Trip

Last night when my hubby came home from work, I left the kids and went to try to score some bargains. I think I came out great (and, by the way, so does hubby).
Here's what I got at Food Lion (minus Jack).

Here's the breakdown.
2 2.5lb. bags of frozen Chicken Breasts
100 Glad Sandwich Bags
200 Ziploc Sandwich Bags
Beechnut Biter Biscuits
3 boxes of Hamburger Helper
Food Lion Bag Shredded Cheese
4 bags of Yellow Corn Bread Mix
2 small containers Daisy Sour Cream
5 Jars of Gerber Baby Food
Gerber Baby Spoons (pack of 2)
Food Lion Baby Wipes (Travel size)
Cheese Danish from the Bakery
Italian Bread from the Bakery
12 Pack Scott Bath Tissue
2 Cantaloupes

Total Before MVP card and coupons = $72.83
Total After MVP card and coupons = $25.99

My savings were $46.84

Next I went to Target but I didn't take a picture but here is the breakdown:
1st Transaction: 5 12 packs of Pepsi products
Total after coupons = $13 + a $5 gift card.
2nd Transaction: 4 Eggo (10 count) boxes
3 bags of Lay's Cracker Crisps
2 Colgate Total 6 oz Toothpaste
3 camoflauge buckets (for Zanes's room)
3 pink buckets (for my craft room)
1 Basil Grow Kit
1 Strawberry Grow Kit
1 Lavender Grow Kit
1 box of 3 different styles of grosgrain ribbon
A cute shirt
3 boxes OCelo Soap Pads
3 packages of OCelo Sponges

Total before coupons and gift card = $41.65
Total after coupons and gift card = $$16.86


MoM of 2 said...

When can we go shopping??? I need to get a few tips from you- I know I don't plan well enough!! I just go empty handed and buy more than I really meant to!

chelle's winks said...

Way to go Tami...I need to take notes!

Donielle said...

Great Savings! Looks like I can still do better, and here I thought I was doing great. :-)

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