Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break is Over! What am I still doing awake?

Our Spring Break has ended. It was really hard to get everyone to bed at their normal 8:30 bedtime, but they were all there by 9:30. (We'll have to do better tomorrow night.) This was a great week of fun with my kids. I hope that this is just a preview of the summer fun we will have. We ended our Spring Break with a our normal Sunday morning church routine and a nice visit with 2 new babies.

Thursday night, our friends and home group leaders, Brad and Melonee, got a call from DSS. They now have a 7 day old baby boy named Cohen. He is sooooo precious and they brought him for his first trip to church. Congratulations, Brad and Melonee.

Then we went to Badotti's (that's what my kids call grandma) house for a visit with Baby Tess. My kids really love her. And Uncle Jim got to hold her today, too. The visit was way too short but Sunday afternoon is always like that to me. Everyone has to be back at church (except us, we don't have Sunday night church).

A great end to a great break. Now back to real life.