Sunday, April 20, 2008

What A Weekend!

The last few days have been crazy. Last Wednesday, our dog, Lucy, disappeared. On Thursday, when she still wasn't home, I knew someone had her. I told the boys when I picked them up from school and the mourning began. Zane spent most of the afternoon in the woods yelling "Lucy". Gabe spent most of the afternoon crying.
I made Zane come inside and we made flyers to put out but the printer would not print because it was low on ink. So we decided to wait until Friday afternoon and then we would go put up signs everywhere.
Friday came and we stopped at the barn next to our house and asked the lady who runs it and she told us someone down the road had Lucy. They had been at our house but no one was home. So when Jim came home we all went to get her. Happiness has returned.

Friday afternoon, I met Zane's garden club at The Children's Garden downtown. While I was in the car waiting a woman came over to talk to me. I took my bottom retainer out and it's gone. I looked everywhere. The only thing I can figure out is it was knocked from the car when I scooted out. Anyway, our trip to the garden was great. It is hidden under a bridge in the middle of downtown and I didn't even realize it was there. We will definitely go back this summer and take a picnic.

While we waited Jack ran around and played.

Ms. Jones read the kids "Peter Cottontail" while sitting in this part of the garden.
They had a statue of Peter and a fence. They had parsley and lettuce planted and
stepping stones that had the other veggies in the story on them.

I couldn't believe Maci Clare sat this still. She listened to the whole story.
all the kids fight over her.

On the way home, I stopped at a Yard Sale. I got several things but this was by far my kids' favorite purchase.

Dora the Explorer Tea Set

Guess what we did Friday afternoon?

We had a tea party!

Friday night, we went to a fabulous wedding. Our good friends, Jamie and Alison were married. Instead of "The Bridal March", Alison walked down the aisle to "There She Goes". There was several worship songs by my favorite, Hillsongs and the bride wore tennis shoes with her wedding gown (even though you couldn't see them.) It was a great wedding. And my dad agreed to babysit for free for us. Thank you, Daddy!

Saturday morning, we awoke to rain. It always rains on Saturday. A day of baseball was the plan. When we got to the game it was pouring and we didn't stay. Some of the parents stayed and the kids played anyway but we really didn't think that was the smartest idea for us. So we left and went to eat Japanese food. Delicious. So much better than standing in the rain.

We went up town (Pickens) to the Azalea festival where my dad's church had a booth. By then, the sun had come out. We stayed for a little while and then went home. Jim had a softball game at 5pm. I didn't go. I stayed home with the little kids and tried to get organized for a busy Sunday.
I opened the door and let Jack and Maci Clare play on the deck in the water table. I heard Jack yelling and this is what I saw:

Maci Clare had climbed into the water table. Oh well!

On Sunday we went to church. I had to work in the children's department so I missed the service. I really miss being in there but I feel like I need to serve too.
Then, to eat at KFC and to the nursing home to see my grandma and we didn't get home until 4:30.
Now I need another weekend to recover. Is everyone this busy?


chelle's winks said...

What a cute picture. Ya'll really had a busy weekend! Sound like a lot of fun though...except the least you got Jap food out of it!

Southerner said...

Every birthday we have a tea party. The kids want white powdered donuts and cinnamon rolls and I make hot tea that they saturate with sugar. I am amazed that the boys love this. I started it with my daughter and the boys enjoyed it also which was a surprise. They get out dress clothes and hats.

Tami said...

Southerner- That is a great idea. My boys love tea parties. I need to dress them up and do this too. We had left over chicken nuggets from CFA and cold sweet tea but they were satisfied with this and it all happened spur of the moment.

Karen_thrifty said...

Unfortunately, yes, we are that busy. I wish we weren't though. It has been a crazy few weeks.

I'm glad you found your dog.

We have that Dora tea set. My wild 2-year-old has broken a few of the pieces though.