Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's Going On Today?

Today has been a little slow. I am trying to tag all my items for the big consignment sale next week. My drop off time is Sunday at 5:30. They only allow you to drop off 20 items that are size 0-9 months. So far, I have about 75 items this size tagged. So what did I do? I called and got my husband a consignor number and my mother a consignor number. I'm still over the limit but I'll save them until next year.
I did not sell at the flea market Wednesday because I could not get childcare worked out for Maci Clare. She and I did, however, go to the flea market and buy. I got a couple of great deals.
My first deal were these cute things (don't know what you call them) from Southern Living at Home. Brand spanking new and still in the packaging. I paid $10. Not sure how much they were originally but I'm sure they weren't $10. Probably $30 or more.
Then I got this cute lamp from the same vendor for $4. She was cleaning out her stuff and decided to sell it all. She said they were "downsizing".
I love the shade. BTW, I'm redecorating my master bedroom in black, red, and white. So these purchases were perfect.

I walked down a little bit further and found the bargain of the day. A brand new Pampered Chef Muffin Pan (stoneware). I love Pampered Chef stones and have converted most of my bakeware to stones. I have eyed this thing for a long time but it is $32.50 to buy from a consultant. So what did I pay for it? $6 Can you believe it? The older lady had lots of dishes and cookware but she definitely didn't know a thing about Pampered Chef.

Mr. UPS came Tuesday and brought my long awaited box. My Thirty One Consultant kit. If you have never heard of Thirty One, you need to go check it out. It is an awesome company. The name comes from Proverbs 31. I am excited. I just signed the contract to be a consultant so I could get the kit. It was well worth what I paid for it and then I turned around and place another order because they had a consultant's special for the month of September. I had no intention of staying activated or selling the products but I was showing off my favorite items last

night and now I have several orders.Here is my favorite thing. In this picture, it looks kinda drab but just wait. Look at the next picture. The flap lifts up and there are hooks. For what you say? Just keep scrolling down.You can turn it into this......or this. And there are several other "skirts". It is called the skirt purse. It comes in brown or black. Now do you see why it is my favorite item?
So for now, I am a Thirty One Consultant. Go check it out here. And if you are interested in ordering anything, let me know. They have some really cute stuff.

Maci Clare's schedule is all messed up. She is sleeping really good at night but is not getting a good nap during the day. Which is terrible for me. She slept about 20 minutes today and would not go back to sleep. So she is driving me crazy. We had another football game last night. I promised pictures so here they are.
Don't they look cute in their little football uniforms?

Remember the giveaway deadline is tonight at 10pm. I had the date wrong. It is really Friday, Sept. 5. So make sure you leave a comment on that post before tonight. And Good luck!


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I really like that purse, do you remember the wooden handle purses in the 80's that you changed out the cover. They were "preppy" purses. I also love anything from Southern living Home. They are too expensive for me so would love to find bargains! I am also consigning where I drop off next weekend. I got my barcode tags and safety pins today so I can get them all tagged.