Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Much Happening

It is another Sunday night and I'm cruisin' the net while Jim cleans the kitchen. (It is so nice to have a fabulous husband.) I was trying to make some grocery lists for this week. I did not grocery shop at all last week and we are out of everything. Even my stockpile is running low.
So tomorrow, I'm off to Greenville to take Maci Clare to the doctor. She is so congested and yucky. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. I know, I know, I'm a terrible mother but my doctor won't do anything until they have been sick for 10 days. So that's why I try to wait it out but I think she needs an antibiotic now.
We had a fun weekend. Friday night, my dad took Gabe and Zane to the local high school football game and they spent the night with him. So Jim and I just hung out with the two little ones. I fell asleep in the chair about 10pm.
Saturday, I went to yard sales in the morning. The first yard sale I went to, I got 5 Disney movies for .50 each. They were The Little Mermaid, Born to be Wild, Pocohantas, Dumbo, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Then I went to one right down the road and got a pair of Levis, and two pair of Aeropostale jeans for $2 each.
I drove a little while and didn't really see another one but then came across a church yard sale and bought another pair of Old Navy jeans (they didn't fit, I'll sell them on ebay), a pair of Old Navy black dress pants, a cute Arizona shirt with the tags still on and a long sleeve t-shirt (can't remember what brand). I paid $1 for each item.

Then I came across two more church sales. The first one I found a pair of Thinsulate lined gloves with tags for $1. The last one I bought a pair of Express jeans (didn't like them after I got them home, but ebay might), a few Aeropostale and Old Navy shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve). All clothing items were .50 each.
I bought a Fisher Price castle with a couple of extras inside for .50, a Strawberry Shortcake change purse for .10, a little square basket for .10, 2 sets of plastic beaded bracelets for .50, and 2 Hallmark Kiss Kiss bears (the ones with the magnets in their mouths that stick them together) with tags for .50 each. I think I spent about $20 in all and got a ton of stuff.
In the afternoon, we went to Jim's company picnic at the lake which is always fun. We had a great time. Gabe and Zane went to the Clemson vs. NC State game so we just had the two little ones again. Jim won a $25 gift certificate from Copper River. We can't wait to use that.
Last night everyone was home and my mom brought some food up and we watched Mrs. Doubtfire. I had forgotten that the language was so bad in that movie but by the time we realized it, it was too late. Oh well, I guess they've probably heard it before.
This morning we went to church and then to McDonald's to eat. Once again it was just the little ones at home because Gabe and Zane had a birthday party to go to. I took Maci Clare and Jack for a ride on the 4 wheeler and Jim worked outside until almost dark. Now everyone is sleeping and I am going to go spend a little quality time with my husband. That is, if I can tear him away from football for a while. I am posting this picture because I wanted you to see the cute outfit that I wore today. The total cost of my outfit was $3. I bought the top a while back at a yard sale and the jeans were some I bought yesterday. I thought it was pretty cute and fashionable. I got lots of compliments at church this morning. Little do they know, that I can be just as trendy as they can and for a lot less. I Heart Yard Sales!


casey said...

headless tami! o no!
hey, this is casey. i found that i had an acct open on here and thought i'd start writing more useful things. my old journal is

peace and chicken grease

Southerner said...

Isn't it fun to find things at sales and know that you didn't have to spend a lot for them? I love your top in your headless photo. Were you having a bad hair day? I have not even gone the last two weeks to yard sales because I don't need to spend money right now. Three ortho payments($8200) the last few months and college books has wiped us out.

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

I'm are so thrifty!! Sounds like you had a great weekend with half the kid count. We had three most of the weekend since our oldest spent the night at a friends house. I've never been into yard sales but looks like you got some great stuff!!!!

You Bargain Shopper You :)

Windy said...

You go girl! Love the outfit - who would know (besides all of us on the world wide web) that it was the result of some thrifty shopping?!
PS Got the book - she loves it! Has been reading it the past two nights before bedtime:)

chelle said...

Sounds like a relaxing look...or your outfit looks cute...:)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Adorable outfit! LOVE the shirt :)