Friday, September 19, 2008

One Of THOSE Days

Yesterday was just one of those days. I had several errands to run and I'm trying to get them all done when I go out. You know, that little expense called GAS! Anyway, after dropping all 3 boys off at school, Maci Clare and I headed to Easley. First stop: Walmart. I needed a certain McCall's sewing pattern and I Walmart's seem to be the cheapest (at least around here). So I decided while I was there I would just try to buy the fabric too. I spent more than a few minutes picking it out and then discovered no one was there to cut and price it for me. We waited a few minutes and moved on. I didn't really feel like waiting.
We then headed out to Hobby Lobby to use my 40% off coupon. I picked out the fabric there and guess what? No one there to cut it either. I used "the bell" several times and couldn't get anyone to come. So finally, I had the guy that was in the framing department call someone for me. I did get my fabric and few other things that I wanted to work on.
After we left, I strolled over to J.C.Penney to see what clearance items they had. And I found these cute bathing suit bottoms for $1.97 each.

We had a little bit more time to kill before we had to pick up Jack so we stopped by Zaxby's and grabbed a bite of lunch. That is when the fun began. I realized that I had been charged for 2 items instead of one at Walmart. (it was a pair of basketball shorts for Zane) So we headed back to Walmart to try to get a refund or at least the second pair of shorts. Maci Clare fell asleep in the car so I just grabbed her and carried her in. The customer service desks was swamped. So I just went over to front manager (the one in charge of cashiers) and told her what happened. I just got another pair of shorts instead of messing with them money. She was super nice. As I put MC back in her carseat, I noticed one of her Sketcher's was missing. I searched the whole car and all around the outside. It was nowhere to be found. I unfastened her again and headed back in to Walmart for the 3rd time. I retraced my steps and the shoe was nowhere to be found. I went and asked if a shoe had been turned in. Quite rudely, the woman replied "No".

In the meantime, it was time to pick up Jack. So I called Jim and he took his lunch break and picked up Jack and met me at McDonald's. With both kids in tow, I headed home for what I thought would be naptime. No way! Neither of them wanted to go to sleep. So an hour later we headed out once again to pick up the big boys and a dentist appointment. We all had our teeth cleaned.This was Jack's first dentist appointment so I included this picture.
This was the only one I could get of him alone.

This is my friend Karyn(she cleans our teeth) and Jack.
Jim met me and took all the kids home so I could do a little grocery shopping.

We have a new Walgreen's and I stopped there first to check it out. I'm just not super impressed with Walgreen's. The buy of the day was 2 Pickens Football t-shirts for $10. I also bought 2 Edge shaving creams, a box of Kashi Go Lean cereal, and 2 Lady Speed Stick deoderants. After coupons and my gift card ($8.80), I paid $6.17

I then went to CVS and ended up doing 2 transactions. In the first I bought 3 jars of Helmann's mayonaise and 1 jar of Skippy peanut butter. My total out of pocket was $4.23 and I got $3 ECBs back. The second transaction was 2 boxes of Nutripal bars, a huge water bottle (for Zane to use at football), a bag of Hershey's bliss and a gift bag with an out of pocket total of $4.27. Unfortunately, I did not get any ECBs on this transaction and I've used all of them. I'll have to start over this week.

I finally made it to the grocery store where I bought $50 worth of groceries for $34. When I made it home, it was time for Zane to go to football practice and my house was trashed. (Jim took a nap and what did the kids do?) Jim and Zane left and I started supper and cleaning. I cleaned for about 2 hours to get everthing straightened back out.
While Jim was gone, Maci Clare and Jack took turns throwing up. Let me explain. Every time one of our kids cough, they throw up. So I cleaned up throw up 5 times in about a 2 hour time period. Our carpet and couch in the living room look so bad that we just need to rip it up. I want hardwoods so they are easier to clean. That is what I am saving my money for now.
I fell into bed at 9:30 last night and hoped and prayed for a better day. And it has been.


Michelle said...

Dang girl...I'm exhausted just from reading about your day...Have a relaxing weekend:)

Southerner said...

So y'all are topless at the beach in your neck of the woods. I think God was playing a really mean joke on us to make us have to clean up kid vomit. Out of carpet. Off your couch. That is the worst thing in the world. The worst smell in the world. Buy lots and lots of cough drops, golly, I would never let them cough again.

The Ice House said...

Thanks for the invite to church. I have a friend that used to go to Marathon in Powdersville. I've heard good things about that church.

We actually joined our local church this Sunday...Forestville in Travelers Rest. This decision has taken us a while and a lot of visiting other churches, but I feel sure we've found our home.

Based on your post, I thought you might be at Redemption World Outreach on Haywood Rd :-)