Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Verdict

Okay! We finally know what is wrong with Gabe. He has an ear infection and, get this, Walking Pneumonia. Now we know why he felt so rotten. Thank God we have an antibiotic. Hopefully this is the end and we will be well for a while. He was not happy to go back to the doctor but I was very relieved to find out what was wrong for all these days. Now Jim and I are headed out tomorrow and get things wrapped up. My mom is going to babysit and even volunteered to spend the night if we wanted to stay out late and do something.
I have baked 120 cookies in the last 2 days. I decorated 55 or them tonight. 35 of the decorated ones are going to Gabe's class. 20 are going to Jack's class. The ones I didn't decorate are going to Zane's class along with icing, chocolate chips, sprinkles and marshmallows and they will decorate their own. Tomorrow is Polar Express Day(which I hate because I'm sick of the movie and I know the kids are sick of it.) But anyway they are having hot chocolate and cookies. Easy enough and would've been easier except for all the sickness. Jack's class is having a birthday party for Jesus and they are doing McDonald's Happy Meals. They will all start Christmas break tomorrow afternoon. The big boys get out at 11 and Jack gets out at 12 and we finally have a break.

Gabe had a little concert tonight and he and another kid played The Arkansas Traveler. He did a good job. I have a video but it is so big I'm having problems uploading it. I'll try again later because he really sounded good tonight.
BTW, Gabe has lost 6 pounds since last Thursday. I told you the quickest way to lose weight is to get sick. I am going to try to post a couple of videos throughout the weekend of the Christmas programs that we have been to this year. Most of you will probably get sick of seeing my kids performing but bear with me. This is for my MIL because she is so far away.


Windy said...

I, personally, would love to see the videos. Load 'em up:)

Anonymous said...

Your MIL is really looking forward to seeing your videos (and so glad of my son's summer update so I can actually see them. Love to you all.

Windy said...

Thanks for playing - can't wait to see your list.

Your letter is "T".