Monday, December 8, 2008

A Belated Birthday Wish

To my wonderful husband. I really didn't forget his birthday. We had a big bonfire/party and I spent every minute getting it all together. So now I have a little spare time to sit down and show you our party. We had so much fun. We really weren't calling it a birthday party. We usually have a bonfire in the fall and this year there just wasn't enough time.
A lot of guys from Jim's job were invited and all but one came. Of course, the men stayed outside by the fire while the women huddled in the kitchen. I had to force myself to go out in the 29 degree weather to get these pictures. But I did not stay out long. It was actually warm by the fire.
This picture is a little funky because of the fire fumes. This is Joe and his wife Crystal and Steve. They all work with Jim.Jim was nice and toasty. Chris is the one sitting beside Jim. He is an intern and he is graduating and has accepted a job back where his parents live. He was funny. Notice he has on flip flops. Needless to say, he came and huddled in the kitchen after a short time. Beside Chris is Don, Jim's boss and then Brett. Brett used to work with them but went to another company.
This is another guy that works with Jim. His name is Kevin and he came alone. His wife didn't want to come out and freeze her rear end off.
Zane loves fire and stayed outside until it was time for him to go bed. He kept a stick in his hand the whole time.

Jack was in and out. When he was out, Lucy wouldn't leave him alone. But he didn't seem to mind.Brad is one of our best friends. Of course what is a bonfire, without marshamallows and hot dogs.
Hunter played on Zane's football team. His mom and dad are new friends and I'm so glad they got to come.

Now if you are offended by boobs, do not go any further. I made this cake for Jim. I thought it turned out pretty cute. But no one even took a bite. So we have it in the freezer.

There were not very many pictures of the girls. I'm not sure why I didn't take them but Jim's friend, Connie (who is Swedish) took a couple. Here is one of them.

We had good food and good friends and we had a really good time. We are trying to plan another one after Christmas and hopefully the people who didn't get to come, will get to come in January when things are not quite so busy.
Jim, I'm not sure I even told you Happy Birthday because I was so busy. So Happy Belated Birthday and I love you!


Michelle said...

That looks like great fun...I'm sure your husband had fun with his buddies...the outside looks like man fun and all you women were smart enough to stay inside and out of the cold....

Southerner said...

Right under the photo of the "cake" your caption says "there are not many pictures of the girls." This is the kind of thing that just cracks me up. I would expect this kind of thing from a PK!!! You bad thing, you.

Stephanie said...

I just love that cake...I've got tears in my eyes laughing at that!

Windy said...

He must be a "boob man" like Scott. Cute idea. The bonfire looks like fun!