Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How Did I Get To This Point?

4 kids at home this morning! Yes! 4 kids at home this morning! Yesterday, Gabe started to come out of his funk. So, we worked on a little school work and studied for the many, many tests he has to make up. At about 4:00, when I asked Zane to start his homework, he started to cry and say his stomach hurt. Well, this being his standard excuse and me being the horrible mother I am, said, "Oh, just go do your homework. You're not sick." When Jim came home 15 minutes later, Maci Clare and I headed to Walmart for the rest of the stuff for the school parties that I am in charge of. At around 6:00, when I called, Zane had just thrown up all over the couch and floor. So much for getting over the sickness. He proceeded to throw up for the next several hours. Not just throw up but throw up accompanied by screams and cries. (Zane never throws up so I guess it caught him a little off guard to feel like that.) Jim headed out to the Cub Scout party when I got home and the rest is history. So this morning, everyone stayed home.
Gabe went to school about 12 and is feeling much better than he has in days. Zane is now eating and normal again. And so far (I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending lots of prayers heavenward) no one else is sick.
Tomorrow, I will be free to try to get some stuff done. Then Friday, Christmas break starts.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry your family has been so sick...maybe it's over now...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Windy said...

I hope you do get a lot done tomorrow and Friday night. Once school is out, there won't be any time left. Thanks about my decorations. I really tried not to go overboard, but I keep getting ideas and going with it. It's easier when you have all day like I do. When I had 2 little ones at home all day, I didn't do as much. I have really enjoyed decorating my house this year and hate that it is almost over!