Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finally! A Minute To Post!

I have not had 2 minutes in the last two days to get to spend some time with my friend, the computer. Zane has bronchitis and had to go to the doctor yesterday and I had an orthodontist appointment and today has been run here and run there so finally! I can take a deep breath and post a few pictures of Florida. Sunny Florida, how I miss you! Anyway, on with the post.

We made to Orlando on Saturday night and decided to just chill out on Sunday. Chill out to me was a trip to the best outlets in the world. They even had a Victoria's Secrets outlet with panties 10 for $30 and bras for 9.99 and under. It was awesome.

Gabe's birthday was on Monday so we celebrated on Sunday night since we were going to head out early on Monday.. I baked brownies and we put candles in. We let him open his presents. He only asked for a pair of Georgia Boots, a Clemson Sweatshirt and a new football. How much easier can you get than that. My mom and dad got him the football and gave him some money to spend (he saved it).
Jack put on his boots and modeled them for us.
Monday we headed to Animal Kingdom. There was a crowd but nothing like it could've been. We went for the 2 big rides first. The Safari and Expedition Everest. The longest we waited on anything was 30 minutes. So we thought that was great.
We went to Animal Kingdom a couple of years ago and it was pretty much the same. This time Jack was old enough to enjoy everything. I really didn't take that many pictures. The two little ones were scared of all the characters so we didn't pursue that whole deal (which saved a lot of time.) And there just wasn't that much to take pictures of. We did get our picture made in front of Mt. Everest but the guy who took it (a guy who worked at AK taking pictures) didn't use the zoom so I don't think it is that great. The tall guy with the Elvis glasses and hair is my "little" brother, Chris. He is ten years younger than I am and soooo much fun. The other two are my mom and dad.
This was actually standing in line at the Everest ride. My dad even rode. He was brave. It was a lot of fun and I think it is by far one of the best coasters I've ever ridden. (Which is probably not saying much)This is right before the roller coaster took off.

After that, we went over to the Triceratops ride (like the Dumbo ride). I can't ride anything that goes round and round so I sat that one out. This is the picture I got from Jim. Oh well, better than nothing and at least it shows Maci Clare and Jack having fun.Toward the end of the day, we got on the train to Rafiki's Planet Watch. I snapped this picture before jumping on. Rafiki's Planet Watch is really just a petting zoo with a couple of llamas and lots of goats. We didn't stay there long but it was long enough to get a picture with Jiminy Cricket. He was the only character we took a picture with the whole trip and you can see Maci Clare was thrilled.Chris jumped in and got his picture made too. I love it!
Chris and my dad had made plans to go to an Orlando Magic Basketball game on Monday night so they headed out about 5:00. We headed to the Festival of the Lion King show. It was great. We loved it. After that we headed back to the hotel and ate supper. We didn't eat in the Animal Kingdom at all because I packed lots of food to take in with us.
The next day, my mom took the boys to the pool and we just relaxed. We decided to do Thanksgiving on Tuesday night because we weren't sure what our plans would be. So that's just what we did. We had turkey, dressing, broccoli casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (fresh), and biscuits. Have you figured out that we didn't really stay in a hotel? We stayed in a condo. It was very nice. I wish that I had taken more pictures of the place we stayed. My mom and dad had their own room with 2 bedrooms which turned out to be more like 2 condos. So Gabe and Zane stayed in their own little condo with kitchen and sitting room and bedroom and bathroom. Jim and I stayed in a one bedroom with the 2 little ones and my brother Chris stayed in a one bedroom. It was great and we had lots of room and a place to cook all our meals. I did take a picture of little Maci Clare in the gigantic bed in our room.
And this was, by far, Jack's favorite place to be.We had a huge hot tub in our rooms.
Jack poured lots of baby soap in the hot tub and this was the result. My brother went and bought them some bubble bath after that.
I guess I'll stop for now, because I have to save Magic Kingdom for another post. It was so much fun and we had a great day with a little mishap that turned out to be great for us (not so much for my mom.) So I finally have a whole day to get some things done tomorrow. Zane is going back to school and I will maybe get a chance to do one more post about our trip. And then I promise I will move on to something else.
By the way, my shopping trip to Publix yesterday was AWESOME! My total was $48.15 and I paid $15. 67 OOP. Can't beat that. I may try to share more about that later.


Stephanie said...

Well Happy belated birthday!

Great pics and I am so jealous! I could really use a vacation right now!

Southerner said...

Glad you had a good time....until(we won't mention that!) Can't wait to see more photos.

Michelle said...

Looks like great fun...I can't wait to take my kids...great pics~!