Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Magic Kingdom

And it was truly magical. We had a great day . As we were going in, I stuck my camera out of the sunroof and this is the picture I took.

When we made it to the monorail, we asked the little guy standing there if we could ride with the driver. So me and the boys got to ride up front.Jack was not at all thrilled to be there. Can't you tell? But after we got going he was better. I thought it was pretty fun.The driver was so nice and this is the view out the front window.You can't go to Disney and not take a picture in front of the flowers shaped like Mickey. Unfortunately, I look pregnant in this picture. Oh well, I'm not!
As you are walking down main street, Cinderella's castle looms ahead. I just love that castle.
Since the kids weren't really into the characters, I didn't take very many pictures. In fact, the only character I even got close enough to to take a picture was Scrooge McDuck.

Maci Clare and Jack wanted to look but no way were they going close enough to touch. They really like It's A Small World. That was always my favorite when I was little. I had a vinyl 45 record of that song that I practically wore out.
Jack barely made the 40 inch requirement to ride some of the milder thrill rides. So he did get to ride Thunder Mtn. Railroad (a roller coaster)
He loved it! Looks like my mom did too.
This guy was walking around the park wearing these pink mouse ears. He turned around at one point and said, "My daughter won't wear this and I paid $16 for it. Somebody's gotta wear it." I just thought that was a perfect Disney moment. Everything is soooo expensive.
We didn't go to any parades but we wanted to be sure we made it for the fireworks and Tinkerbell's descent.
This was Maci Clare watching the fireworks and here is why she looks like that.
Not only was the castle lit up with different colors, there was also lights draped over it. It was so pretty.

The little light spot is Tinkerbell. I couldn't get one better than this. But you get the idea how far up she was.

These pictures are a lot better when you can see them big. But I just wanted to share so you know that the fireworks are well worth staying late in the park.
We fought our way to the gate after that. It took us about 45 minutes to get out and get to our car but we had a great time.
Thursday night Jim and I took the boys to Downtown Disney because they had heard about LegoWorld. It was something to see. That was the only place we went but I took quite a few pictures of the things made of legos. This is the Loch Ness Monster. He was built in the water and I just couldn't get a great picture. I think he was my favorite Lego Creation.

There was a family made of Legos. A mom and dad (both holding cameras) and 2 or 3 kids holding leashes to which these dogs were attached.

And if your kids are scared of Santa, why not take a picture with Lego Santa? My boys loved the lego stuff and spent quite some time in the store.
You guys know what happened the next morning so I won't tell you again. But we did have a wonderful time. No matter how crowded I would recommend this experience to anyone.


Windy said...

Looks like you had a great time. Magic Kingdom is my favorite! We can't wait to go back, hopefully, it will be soon. Kaylee is going in January for her Senior trip with the career center. Your pictures are great.

Michelle said...

my kids looked at your pictures and went crazy, Abby love DD and Kyle the Legos...

Good Pictures!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

So fun!