Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Ornaments

Finally, I am putting up a Christmas post. I love my Christmas tree every year because every ornament on it is special. Each ornament has meaning. We do not do fancy, themed trees. The theme of my tree is family and friends. Because that is where each ornament came from. I wish that I could show you every one but I know you quickly bore. Some of the pictures are dark but you can get the idea. So here are just a few of my favorites and why they are so special.
The first a close friend of mine gave to me. It is a pig (I used to collect them) with wings sticking out of a Christmas stocking. It is made from Georgia Clay. And it has a little story to go with it about the Pig Angel.
The next one is a cute Santa with movable legs and arms. I love this ornament just because I think it is so cute. It was given to me by my mother-in-law.The first year we were married, we needed Christmas ornaments. So we drove around and everywhere we went, I would pick up cheap ornaments. This was one of them. I love it because it is just a Christmas ball but it has a picture of Santa kneeling at the manger.
Another pig that I actually bought just because she was handmade and oh so sweet. She is an angel. Jim hates this ornament.I have several teacher ornaments but I love this one. It has my name, the child's name, and the name of the school where I taught.
I threw this one in because we look like babies. It was our first Christmas together and we spent it alone. We lived far from our family and decided to stay put. It was awesome to get to spend that first Christmas together.
This one is my favorite. I bought it last year less than a mile from my house at a little gift shop that is hooked on to a convenience store. I love the message. I know you can't see it but it says,"Who else would think of sending a message and wrapping it in swaddling clothes."

Now here is the whole tree.
My tree topper is very simple. It is a handmade angel that my mom bought me at a craft fair a long time ago. She sits on a marble top table all year in my living room and at Christmas she goes on top of the tree. I stick lights around her because she doesn't light up. Sometimes I wish I had something else but I can't find anything that I like better. I think she is so pretty and so simple for our special tree.
Like I said, I have lots and lots of ornaments. Some made by my kids and all very special. All of my kids' "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments are on it too. But I couldn't pick just one. So there you have it. My shabby but beautiful Christmas tree.


Southerner said...

y'all do look so young! I love having all the collected ornaments that bring back memories rather than going and getting a whole tree of "perfect" ones. I also like that the kids feel a part of it rather than telling them not to mess it up.

Windy said...

It's not shabby at all. I love the ornament of you and Jim when you were younger (we are still young, you know).

Stephanie said...

Love it!!! I guess I need to take pics too...I just got it done tonight. Did I just say that...absolutely not I've had it done for weeks :)