Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Tree

This one will be short. I promise. But I just had to share Maci Clare's Christmas tree. Last year, I looked and looked for a pink tree and much to my dismay could not find one. I saw them around Thanksgiving and then they were all gone. I couldn't believe that many people wanted pink trees. So here was my solution.A white tree with pink ornaments. I found all this at Big Lots and the white tree came from Dollar General. I couldn't resist.It is looking kinda rough right now because Maci Clare un-decorates it as often as she can. I love this tree and to top it. What else?A Princess Tiara


Windy said...

Fitting for a princess:) Kennedy has the same trim with blue stuff - she is in the "I hate pink" stage - blue is her favorite color.

Southerner said...

Cute! I want a white tree. I would like to do one in my room with crafty girly ornaments just for me.

Stephanie said...

I love that! It looks gorgeous when it's lit up!!!