Thursday, December 4, 2008


Creative title, huh? Anyway, tomorrow is Jim's birthday and we are planning a big bonfire/party. My time line for getting ready is all screwed up. Guess who is home sick today? JIM! He came home about 10:30 and is in the bed with stomach issues (not sure what because he won't elaborate) and I think he is feverish. So I'm blogging and reading email and playing a little blog catch up reading right now. But soon, I will have to revise my plan and get something done.


Windy said...

You'll get it done. Does he not have the stomach virus that you had?

Michelle said...

Good luck, hope Jim is well soon!

Stephanie said...

you know that stomach virus is going around right now and it's brutal! hope you get your stuff done and he begins to feel better very soon!