Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Rainy, Yucky Day

Gabe is still home sick. His temp is still 103 so tomorrow we will probably just head to the doctor. I don't really think they will give him medicine. But we really need a doctor's excuse for school. He really doesn't need to miss these last few days before Christmas but he doesn't have a choice.
Anyway, my dad wanted to get out of his house today (the cleaning lady came and he doesn't like to be there) So he came here and stayed with Gabe. Maci Clare and I headed out. Our first stop was Dunkin' Donuts for a quick, unhealthy breakfast. She wanted a doughnut so I got one too. Toasted Coconut. DELICIOUS! Then it was off to Walmart to try to find some of Jim's Christmas list. No luck. I bought him one thing. It was not even on his list. Oh well, I'll get there one of these days.
Our next stop was my very favorite thrift store.
We found a few good things.

An American Girl Family Album (hardback book for filling in some Grandma and mom stories for a girl.)
A Spiderwick Chronicles book
A Wiggles Song Book that really plays 6 of the Wiggles Songs
Guess How Much I Love You Board Book
A paperback copy of Blueberries For Sal
I paid 10 cents each for these books.

Then I bought The Brethren by Beverly Lewis
And 5 books by Wanda E. Brunstetter ( a couple in the Daughters of Lancaster series and 3 in the Brides of Lancaster series)
These were .25 each.

All these clothes were $1 each. Can't beat the prices.
This was too cute to pass up even though it is a Cherokee brand (probably from Target.)

These pants are Gap and size 2T (too big for MC now but she'll grow into them.)
They have this cute little horse head hanging from the belt loop.This is a Gymboree dress shirt that I found for Jack.
We love Spongebob and pajamas for a$1? Can't pass that up.

This Nautica Sweatshirt is Gabe's size but it looks a little small. He hasn't tried it on but if it is too little, Zane will get it. (He will get eventually anyway.)
So it was a pretty good trip. Now I guess we will head to Greenville to the doctor tomorrow. I'll let you know what they say when we are back.


Southerner said...

I have never had a child with a fever over 101.3. I hope he feels better!
Our thrift stores are all so expensive! Those horse pants are so cute. She needs some boots and a cowgirl hat. The Wiggles could have stayed- how can you stand them????? I am so glad we missed that phase. Barney was all I could handle. Something is really wrong with those wiggle men. And Telletubbies- all you hear is "Ohhh", "ahhhh" and giggling- I would throw a brick in the tv and tell them it has an owie. Ahhhh! You got some great things.
We are getting snow tomorrow- they have already decided to let the kids out at 1:00.

Windy said...

Be careful out in the rain. I went out today (during the worst of it, of course) and nearly drowned:) I haven't gotten one thing for Scott, so you are doing better than me! Good luck with the shopping and prayers for quick recovery and that no one else will get sick!

Stephanie said...

I took Allie today and she said there's a virus going around right now. high fevers,diarrhea and vomiting. We have the low grade fever and diarrhea part! Hope he starts to feel better very soon!!!!