Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Finally Over!

Football came to a screeching halt (and I mean, screeching) last night. Let me explain "screeching". We had our end of the season football banquet. WE had it at our Town Rec building. It is an awesome place for any kind of party or meeting. One side of the gym was set up with tables and fabulous decorations. The other side was for the kids to play (basketball or whatever). So, of course, a group of kids started playing tackle football on the hard floor and what follows? Several fights. It was crazy. These 1st and 2nd grade boys were pounding each other. Thank God, my boys chose to do something better with the time they had. I think as a general rule, the world (parents) has made kids so aggressive, they can't even play together anymore. The parents were even starting to get into it a little bit when we were called over for trophies to be presented. It was a great night. Zane had a lot of fun. And we got a chance to know several families in our community a little better which is always a good thing. Of course, I have a few pictures to share.Each player had a cupcake with his number on it. Zane wouldn't share his.

This is the cake they had made. The boys really like it. And it was very tasty.
This is Zane excepting his trophy. Our coaches were so gentle and kind with the kids this year. I had heard that there was a lot of yelling and screaming but we did not have that at all. I hope that becomes the norm for little league football.
Zane likes his trophy. It has a hologram on the star so he thinks that is "awesome".
When we finally made it home, all the kids (with the exception of Maci Clare) crashed and this is what I did.
This is my one of my favorite things to do at night. And Maci Clare is following in my footsteps. So Jim snapped this picture of the two of us reading in bed last night.

BTW, this is what a microwave for 10 seconds does to a frozen Hershey bar.
It tasted pretty gross too. So much for getting my chocolate fix today.
We are probably heading for the mountains tomorrow for a couple of days. The kids have a long weekend and we are going to take a much needed rest. So I'll be back next week. And I have another giveaway coming soon.


Southerner said...

My husband was a football official in Florida and he finally quit with the elementary age and only did Freshman, JV, and varsity games. He said the young ones were the worst at getting yelled at because the parents didn't understand that you can't apply NFL rules to these kids in officiating. Also, they are right there on the sidelines close to you where at the other games they are up in the bleechers farther away. At our end of the year baseball party the boys started running around the tables in the restaurant. I quietly shook my head at my boys and they sat down. Glad you weren't over there telling your boys to "get him!"

Windy said...

Have a great time away - get some good pictures!

Michelle said...

Cute pictures..I know you are proud of him...

Have fun in hte mountains..wish I could go