Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Are We Doing?

What have we been doing that I can't get back to my blog? We are doing a little remodeling. Nothing major! Just paint and a couple of new pieces of furniture. I will have pictures up soon. But we are overhauling and my goal for 2009 is "Simplify". So that's what we're working on. And I promise I'll be back with loads of pictures. So be patient.


Windy said...

we need to paint soooo bad! You know the paint the builders use is not great and then when you go to wipe something off the wall, you wish you had just left it there because the smudge is much worse. Can't wait to see the pics - been wondering where you are.

Southerner said...

Well, you can't paint and blog at the same time? I can't wait to see some photos. You are all mysterious with "new pieces of furniture" I have been decluttering and hope to get all our projects finished in the first few months of 2009.