Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It Has Been A Long Day!

We were back to the doctor this morning (after a night of a screaming Maci Clare). Today was the scheduled re-check for both the little ones. In case I forgot to tell you and I think I did, Maci Clare has been to the doctor twice for the same ear infection. It didn't go away with Amoxicillin (Surprise! Surprise!) and now after 4 days of Omnicef it is still there and has migrated to the other ear as well. So on to our 3rd round of antibiotics. Augmentin (and this medicine has been a killer for us in the past.) I see tubes in the future.
Anyway, Jack cut school and his appointment went fairly well. They have added Singulair as a maintenance medicine for him. And the inhaler as needed.
After the appointment, we decided to go have a little fun. So we went to the mall. We did not shop or walk around. We went straight to the playground in the middle and played for almost an hour then walked right back out. It was fun and free. Then off to CiCi's Pizza for a great, cheap meal. I fed all three of us a pizza buffet for $6.87. I only had to pay for me. And my favorite thing about CiCi's is the cinnamon rolls. They are excellent. Then we had to go to Walmart.
Walmart is a big time Budget Buster for me. But I needed some things there. I ended up with $61 worth of stuff. I was a little perturbed because the cashier didn't send one of my coupons through. (I had a $3 coupon for $4 Cat food.) This seems to happen to me more and more. Next time I go in I am going to just take the cat food back and pay for whatever I need to get with the money they give me back. When they ask me why I am returning it, I'm going to tell them the truth.
I finally broke down and bought the High Efficiency Laundry Detergent. Oh my, but it is expensive. I hate my front loader. It has ruined all of our towels and continues to be a problem with smelly wash loads. If I bring it up Jim goes crazy and acts like a total nut case. So I am going to try the expensive detergent. You know, if you read my blog, I am not used to paying full price for anything and usually do not pay more than $3 or $4 for detergent. The cheapest they had was $10. So it just about killed me to do it but I did. We have tried the stuff you put in your machine for the stinky, wiping the rubber piece off after loads, several kinds of detergent, removing laundry immediately, and nothing seems to work. No one else I know seems to have this problem. I am frustrated (and can't talk about it with my husband) so I am unloading on ya'll. (Sorry!) So this is my last straw. I'm not sure what I will do if this doesn't work. (Possibly get rid of the washer and dryer and try something new. I don't know! If anyone has any suggestions, please, please let me hear them. Or just to know if someone else has this problem or has in the past would be helpful.) There! I think I feel better.
Now I'm home and getting ready to start supper. I am hosting a giveaway tomorrow so come back to see what exciting item I am giving away. And don't forget to tell all your friends.


Southerner said...

I have a front loader and have loved mine. Is it something with your water making it stinky? I used to only use Tide HE- It will go on sale and I would buy a bunch or would buy it at Sams if I needed it between finding a sale. I am now making my own. One of the ingredients in home made is Borax. It whitens and I would think might deoderize your stuff. It won't suds so you could add it with whatever other detergent you are trying. It is not expensive so it is worth a shot.

Brenda said...

Hi, I wanted to recommend a site aptly called smellywasherdotcom. They have a product for this type of thing.
Ok, now the disclaimer. I don't normally recommend something that didn't work for my top loader, but there were other testimonials on other forums that I'm going to go ahead a say you might want to give it a try.
The best thing is that they give you your money back if it doesn't work and were quick to respond to questions and emails.
Just might find other solutions online as well, just type in smelly washer in the search.
Just a thought.

Windy said...

I hope MC starts to get better soon - I know how she feels since I still suffer from ear infections! Have you tried putting sweet oil in?
I have been freakish about my front loader since you posted and told me you hated yours. I only do laundry once a week now and after I'm done, I wipe the washer dry. All over every piece of rubber and then leave the door open for the rest of the evening to let the whole thing air out. A friend told me that she does not buy the expensive detergent, and so I haven't either. And she told me that someone told her to only use about a tablespoon of det in it. So...I have been diligent in trying to follow everyone's advice! So far, so good, and I am still lovin' 'em!

Jennifer McJunkin said...

I am feeling your pain with the doctor visits! What is this crud that is going around in this area? We just went for the third visit to day for Justin's ear and sinus infections, and got our third antibiotic. It's funny, when I read your blog posts about your kids (or you) being sick, the same things is almost always going on here! I cannot wait for summer.

Ice House said...

I don't have a front loader washing machine but I'm wondering if maybe you added 1/2 - 1 cup of Borax to your wash that it would help with the smellies? Or maybe a cup of vinegar? Just a thought.

Hope your little girl is better soon.