Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Finaally Getting On Board

Pictures to highlight 2008. Jules over at The Roost hosted this New Year's Party and I had to get in on it. It is only supposed to be 10 but I just couldn't stop at 10. There's only 13 so I only missed it by 3. So here are my pics.

Jim and my mom taking advantgae of our first and only snow of the year. (I should say once every 3 years we get one like this.) But we do take advantage of what little we get. All you northerners can go ahead and laugh because this is the way I like it.
A addition to our family. Welcome, Lucy!We celebrated 100 years with Jim's Grandma MaxineMaci Clare turns one. Boo Hoo!
Installation of the in ground pool.
Addition of Baby Tess to our family.
Zane earns his Tiger Cub badge.

Gabe learns to play fiddle.

A trip to Dollywood with our Mid-Western cousins.

Jack started Preschool

Time alone at the beach

Thanksgiving trip to Disney World

Christmas with my children.

Happy 2009!


Jules from "The Roost" said...

Thanks for joining in on the fun! Your photos are great. Looks like you have a fun family! Happy New Year

Life with Kaishon said...

I really like your pictures : ). Your family looks adorable! Very happy! Happy children are the best blessings. Happy 2009!

Jen said...

Great 2008. I love all the family pics especially the one of you and your husband. Have a wonderful 2009!

Windy said...

Great pictures!

Jill Goessel said...

Hey Stranger! I'm facebook friends with Melonee and I saw you on there. I looked at your profile and saw the link to your blog. I've been reading some of your posts, and it's been great catching up with your family! I started a blog a LOOOOONG time ago, but I only did 2 posts and then dropped the ball. Seeing what a great job you're doing documenting your family, you've inspired me to do better. Take care, and I look forward to future posts!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Tami...I feel honored that we were included in them. We miss you guys. Thanks for Tess' christmas gifts. I love the is hanging in her room until she is ready to use it. Can't wait to see your pictures of the new furniture. Love you all

Michelle said...

Happy New Year...glad we met and I could share it with you...looking forward to another great year...