Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chasing A UFO

Last night I sent my whole family to eat supper at church and went to Walmart and Publix to try to get some groceries in this house. I just haven't been shopping as much so my stockpile was no longer a stockpile. Anyway, I made my way through the two stores and was determined to make it back by 8:00 to pick up the kids at church. I was headed home and as soon as I hit the dark mountain road leading home, I saw a huge bright light. At first, I thought airplane. Then I realized it really wasn't moving that fast and it kinda hovering. So I thought helicopter. But as I continued to look, I saw several aiplanes flying above and below it. And it looked so much bigger and brighter. So I watched it for a few minutes and then decided to call my scientific husband, who rushed out on the deck and informed me he could see it too. I thought maybe the reason it was moving was because I was moving. But Jim said no, that it was kinda bouncing. Let me say right off the bat that I do not believe in UFOs so I was throwing out all these logical explanations. Things such as DNR watching a mountain fire (which happens pretty often around here.) Or Sherriff's Department searching for drugs (which happens usually in the fall and during the day.) Or TV helicopter filming something happening like a prison escapee. Anyway, I went and got the kids and told them about it. When we got home, Jim was standing in the driveway waiting with binoculars (we don't have a good telescope). We all get in my car and take off toward the light. We found the perfect spot and looked through the binoculars. It looked like a huge ball of fire. We managed to scare Maci Clare and Jack and Gabe to death with the talk of aliens. So we headed home to google it. What was it?
The only explanation that makes any since (according to Google search and a friend of ours that is into astronomy) is Venus. I thought Jim got pictures but it is only video and I'm not sure it is small enough to download. So if you look outside tonight you should be able to see it for yourself.
Gabe said he couldn't wait to tell his teacher about it. I said, "Oh yeah, great! Now your teachers will think you have crazy UFO chasing parents." So I can't wait to hear what they said to try to cover up their shock at how crazy Gabe and Zane's Mom and Dad are.


Windy said...

Funny - Scott would have been all over that. I'll have to tell him to go out and look tonight with the telescope.