Saturday, January 10, 2009

For the Last Time, Please!

I have the stomach thing again. This is the third time since Thanksgiving. Last night was a fundraising supper for the YAMs (the bluegrass group). I wasn't scheduled for it but was asked to help because 3 of the 5 team members bailed. Yep, that is usually what happens. Anyway, it turned out okay but I think it is a waste of time because we are not making enough money to work this hard. But that is another issue.
Anway, I was fine and this morning I got up and had my coffee and around 11:00am it hit me. So I have wasted yet another day lying on the bed. My dad took the 3 boys to lunch and they are still with him. Jack is gone to a birthday party thanks to my mom. And Maci Clare and Jim went to home group tonight. I really wanted to go but I just don't feel like it. I am still week but feel better than I did this afternoon.
To change the subject, we are in the middle of the last potty training adventure. I am sad but also excited. We have been buying diapers for over 10 years now. Maci Clare is loving her new "big girl panties". She wore panties all day today and did not have one accident. I just can't imagine it being that easy but we will see what is to come. She loves going to the potty and her favorite thing is to flush. So hopefully things will continue to go this smooth.
I am scheduled to teach tomorrow at church so I better get going on my lesson. I hope I feel 100% tomorrow so I can conquer the pile of laundry in my laundry room.


Windy said...

Ooohh, so sorry! I now know how you feel:( Congrats on the potty training, girls are easy, they don't want to get wet. Hope you are better Sunday for church.

Marian said...

10 years of diaper buying...that's amazing.

Ice House said...

Hope you feel better soon.

We, too have been dong the diaper thing for 10 years. I am SO ready to be done with diapers. My goal is to get very serious with this little boy and be out of diapers forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know you were in to the potty training! Hope all goes quickly and well. Love from Iowa

Stephanie said...

I hope you're feeling better!!!! I tell ya that stomach thing is a mess this year