Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Lot Going On

Tomorrow is the last day of school. YAY! But I'm a little scared. What in the world am I going to do with all 4 children at home this summer. I do have some ideas. I found a great site called The Crafty Crow. She has given me crafty inspiration for the summer. (We'll see if we get anything done.)
On another note, the last week of school has been a flurry of activity. Monday was Field Day. I received a call around 7:30 Sunday night to see if I could come work. Of course, being the sucker that I am, I agreed. (We were actually at the ER when she called so I just showed up at the appointed time.) When I got there I was assigned to the "Olympic Rings" game. It was a lot of steps and very confusing for the kids so guess what I did? I changed the whole game after 2 groups went through my game. And the rest of the morning went a lot smoother. The morning was all fun with no real competition. But then after lunch, the real field day began. There were several different stations set up. I worked the Volleyball Serve. The best in each grade won the ribbons (1st through 4th place). I worked extra hard in the afternoon. I only took two pictures all day because I was so busy. Here is one I took of Gabe (Zane's field day was last week so he was happily working in the air conditioned school.)

He had to carry a ping pong ball in this spoon.

Can you tell by this awful picture, how hot and tired I was? I couldn't help but post it just so everyone could see my burnt and sweaty face with no make up. This was taken by me at the end of the day. Needless to say, when we got home we went straight to the pool.

Yesterday was the beginning of the half days at school and I spent the whole morning at the school for the Awards Day Ceremonies. Not to brag but my boys racked up once again.

Zane received a perfect attendance award and the Citizenship Award. I think this is the greatest award given because it is given to the person who has great character traits. So he should feel honored and I am very proud.

Gabe received a reading award, perfect attendance award, all A's honor roll 4th nine weeks, all A's honor roll for the year, 2nd place in the softball throw, and 4th place in the football punt. He wasn't wearing his medals but had them stuck down in the cup.

This is what Jack and Maci Clare did during the awards day ceremony. They played with one of their friends under the chairs. They were pretty quiet though. Thank goodness.

When we got home, the guys were here grading around the pool. Jack got to "help" with the work. And of course, I ran to get my camera.

Zane and Jack found this in my mom's flower bed over the weekend. We now have a new pet. We searched the internet and it is a Orange Mountain Gecko. It is pretty cool but he is really not eating much. My wish is to let it go but they are insisting on keeping him. If he doesn't eat anything soon we will have to let it go.

And here is a picture of the pool. We are almost there. We are swimming but there is still a lot of mud and several little things they have to finish before we can put a fence.

Now I am heading over to Rocks In my Dryer to see the Works For Me Wednesday (the Mom, I'm bored edition) to get some more ideas for Summer break. I'll let ya'll know if I find something good.


Windy said...

Let me know what good things you find on the "net". Your better at hunting them down than I am.
Congrats to both boys on their awards, especially the Citizensip Award:)
Enjoy your first day off!

chelle's winks said...

Good for your boys....Your pool is looking great!

Southerner said...

He is juggling those awards! I bet you are ready to have something besides dirt around the pool! We joined our city pool yesterday. There is an indoor and an outdoor pool and also an indoor walking track. They had a life guard in the kiddie pool! We really missed the pool last year- we had moved from FL with 4 pools and the beach. We had two house payments and NO money so couldn't join anywhere. My kids love the water.