Saturday, June 7, 2008

CVS deals this week

I thought I did really good at CVS this week. It seems I can never save enough ECBs to be ahead. Anyway, I still got good deals and wanted to go back for one more tonight but never got a chance. So....

1st Trip to CVS:
2 Dawn Dish Detergents $1.00 each
2 Listerine Smart Rinse $3.49 each
2 CVS Cotton Swab 500 count $3.19 each
Total before coupons = $15.36
Total OOP = $5.30 and received $11.98 in ECBs

2nd Trip to CVS:
1 8 Roll Bounty Paper Towel $5.99 each
2 9 Roll Charmin Toilet Tissue $4.99 each
2 4 Packs Duracell Batteries $2.99 each
Total before Coupons = $21.95
Total OOP = $4.71 and received $10.00 in ECBs
3rd Trip to CVS:
Pampers Jumbo pack Diapers $7.99 each
Pampers Wipes $2.99
2 Liter Diet Dr. Pepper $1.79 (We were headed out to Home Group and I needed it)
Total before coupons = $23.75
Total OOP = $7.19 and I received $5 in ECBs

All in all I think I came out pretty good and it was all stuff that we will store to use later. I love CVS. I think next week is going to be another great week at CVS. Check here and here for the deals.