Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Back!

What a whirlwind trip! I knew nothing about the trip when we left and it ended up being great. We worked in the International Village in Atlanta, Georgia. Very few of the people there spoke English. Most of the English speakers were school-aged children. So I got to use my limited Spanish skills (and I did okay if I do say so myself). But we were very busy. I will be giving you all the details later (with pictures, of course). I did not go on this trip with my church so I didn't really know the people on my team. But I am home with new relationships and I will be posting more about this trip as the week goes on.

Here is a picture of our team. All in our hot pink and camo! Don't we make a great team?

On another note, we made another trip to the ER tonight. Who was it this time? Jack, of course. Jack and Gabe were playing pretend football (whatever that is) upstairs. And this is what I heard:
Gabe: "Oh, Jack! Are you okay?
Jack: "Waaaaaaaa, I want Mommy! I want Mommy!"
So, off to the ER!

Poor Baby!

Waiting for an Xray! And the verdict is in.
He has a broken collar bone. He is wearing a figure 8 splint and he is in a lot of pain. But the doctor said it would heal in a couple of weeks. So no more pretend football. For a while, anyway.
I'll post more about the trip when things calm down a bit here.


Southerner said...

Poor Jack! Hope he feels bettr soon. Love the pink and camo.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

Loving the pink and camo!

blessedwith5 said...

Oh no! I hope your football player is back in formation soon!