Thursday, June 19, 2008

International Village, Atlanta, Georgia: Day 3

Once again we woke up to Pop Tarts and cold pizza and then headed out to another site to pick up trash. This one wasn't near as nasty as the first. We went to an apartment building and some of the residents even came out and helped (mostly the children). I didn't really get any pictures because my hands were really dirty and I didn't want to touch my camera. While there, we did get to meet the on site missionaries. Their names are Tim and Catherine Palmer. Some of you who read, may have heard of Catherine. She is an author and writes Christian fiction. She and her family are very precious and they know exactly what God wants for them. Right now that is living in the "slums" of Atlanta to work with these international people who have never heard of Jesus. She actually gave some of us autographed books. I was excited because I love, love, love to read. Anyway, if you want to learn more about their mission work, she has a blog. Head on over and read her stuff and see what they are doing to help the people that live near them.

After the trash pick up, we headed to work with the kids for the last time. And we brought water balloons with us. The kids were so excited.

This little boy wasn't interested in the water balloons at all. He just wanted to kick the soccer ball. I played with him quite a bit. He was so cute but didn't speak any English.

I was so wet.
This is our group picture with the second group of kids we worked with. We were all wet and gross but everyone had a smile on.

We headed home about 4:30. We were stinky, nasty, and tired but we couldn't leave Atlanta without a stop here.
I was very glad to be home (11:00pm) and see my babies and hubby. I missed them a lot but it was a great trip.


chelle's winks said...

great pictures and great work!!!