Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Day of Summer (officially)

Friday was the boys' first day out of school. What did we do? We had a really busy day. Well, let me give you a few background details.
Our library sponsors a free reading program every summer. Every library in the county has some kind of educational program Tuesday- Friday. You pick up a calendar and it tells you what they are doing everyday for the whole summer. It is usually very crowded and we pick the best ones. The library in our town has the program on Wednesdays. So we went to the neighboring town for Mad Science. It was really crowded but pretty good.
Jack was a volunteer and he blew out a candle with a bucket. The whole program was on air. Very interesting for Gabe and Zane but not too interesting for Jack and Maci Clare.

And what's a trip without scoring some good deals at my favorite grocery store.

I have been buying milk at this store for months at $2.99/gallon and I was heartbroken when the price was $3.29/gallon. I buy 4 gallons a week so it really adds up. Jim pointed out that it is still cheaper than the other stores (even Walmart). So I guess I will just have to suck it up and pay the extra .30.

Next we went to Wendy's and ate. Lake Hartwell is located directly behind Wendy's. When I was a teenager and we went to the lake, we docked the boat there and walked through the woods to eat. Now there is a walking trail and all kinds of wooden decks down by the lake. Unfortunately the water is so low that you are still on dry land even wehn you walk out on the docks and decks. We walked down there and looked around. It was so hot we didn't stay very long.
Then we decided to ride up and go to the pet store. The kids love going in there and we needed to buy some crickets for the gecko and the turtle. After we left there, Gabe wanted a milk shake. We went through the drive thru and got the new Frosty Shake. Chocolate, of course. Jack wanted a doughnut so that was my excuse to go to Dunkin Donuts . Zane and I got Coconut Iced Coffee (yummy!).
We had Home Group at 6:30 so I rushed to make a dessert (brownies) and get everything together. We had a late night last night and so today we are taking it easy. Our first day out of school was fun and successful. Do you think I can pull it off for the rest of the summer? Check back to see.


Tim Noble said...

It's great spending time in a wood with your kids. That's why I bought my own wood...I own four now!

chelle's winks said...

I love Lake Hartwell...I did notice that the water was very low the last time we were there.