Monday, June 23, 2008

A Good Shopping Trip

I had to go finish up shopping for VBS so I thought I would make a quick stop at Publix. Look at all I got.

My total before coupons was $39.18
What I bought:
2 bags of Friskies cat food
2 5lb. bags of Domino Sugar
2 bags of Eight O'clock Coffee
2 bottles of Hunt's ketchup
4 boxes of Zatarain's rice mix
2 bottles of Ocean Spray Diet Juice
6 cans of Chef Boyardee
2 bottles of Wishbone dressing
2 cans of Redi whip
3 bottles of SoBe Life water(I had to throw those in to be able to use my $5/$35coupon)

When all my coupons went through, I paid out of pocket $17.13
A total savings of $22.05
What a successful trip! I heart Publix!


Windy said...

great trip - hope I do that well when I venture out on Thurs - haven't grocery shopped in about 3 1/2 weeks so probably not!
By the way, got my FREE Starbucks coffee yesterday, thanks to you and your info:)

Southerner said...

Great job! I have had a hard time sitting down to get my coupons and store deals ready. I have just gone to Walmart the last two trips. I need to get back into it, I stopped really working it hard when we were so busy with baseball. The prices are killing me, and we are now eating more than one loaf of bread a day. My 15 year old has football practice from 6:30-10 every day and comes home starving. He will eat two or three sandwiches at that time then eat lunch in a couple of hours.

Tim and Catherine Palmer said...

Hi Tami! I just saw your comment on our blog at

We sure loved having your team here at Huntington Ridge. You did a wonderful job.

Thanks for reading our blog and staying in touch. Come back and see us again soon!


Cathy Palmer

chelle's winks said...

now thats a great shopping trip!