Friday, September 25, 2009


I need to learn that word. Jim says I need to. My mom says I need to (although I find she doesn't use this word very much either.) The last two weeks have been a product of me not saying NO!

Starting Sept. 14:
Coupon Class at 10:30am and my babysitter (my dad) had to cancel because something came up. Jim had to take some time off work.
Coupon Class at 6pm
Zane's Football Game at 6pm
Gabe's instrument lessons at 6:30pm

PTO Meeting at school at 9:30 am
Gabe play music at Chamber of Commerce at 5:15
Zane's Football Game 30 minutes away at 6pm
Gabe's Football Game at 7:30pm
Coupon Class at 7pm.
Grocery Shopping (because I need to get some food coming from me instead of McDonald's)

Visiting business for PTO asking for donations.
Church at 7pm

Coupon Class scheduled for 10:30 but it was cancelled
Worked on PTO stuff in the morning.
Zane's Football practice at 6pm
Gabe's Football practice at 6pm

Took Maci Clare shopping and to eat in the morning (a nice girl's day)
Gabe went with a friend to spend the night
Zane had a friend over to spend the night.
Friend was homesick at midnight. Mom came and got him.

Jim took the 4 wheeler to be worked on at 9:30
I stayed home and tried once again to get organized.
Had a date night with hubby but ended up spending time running some necessary errands at Sam's and Target. We did have a nice dinner at Flat Rock Grill.

Bible Study at 9am
Teach 1st Grade class at 10am
Eat lunch with my Parents. (thank goodness mom cooked)
Trip to Publix and Bilo to try to pick up a few BOGO deals
Supper at Wendy's with my mom and the kids.

Revisit some of the businesses
Meeting at school at 2:30
Gabe instrument lessons at 6:30
Zane's football game at 6pm (in the pouring rain)
Jim' Cub Scout leader meeting at 7pm(came home instead of going because he and Zane were so wet)

Revisit businesses where other people had been and screwed up.
Ran errands in the morning.

Store to get items to make 10 lbs. of chili.
Come home and make chili.
Go to school at 2:30 to organize for Thursday's fundraiser.
Church at 7pm

Load up car and take off to Presbyterian Church to set up for making 400 hot dog plates.
Work making and delivering hot dog plates until 1pm
Jim comes home to work on his truck because it is no longer driveable (and we cannot buy a new one)
When I pick up the kids from school, I go in with a load of stuff for the teacher's lounge (that doesn't belong to me and I don't know who it belongs to.)
Hair appt. 30 minutes away at 4:00
Run home and get boys ready for football practice (both have practice at 6pm)
Run to pick up some things I need to fax to someone for a bluegrass event that is coming up.
Go work at Pizza Inn for PTO Fundraiser from 6-9.
Come home exhausted but can't wind down.
Jack stays up most of the night coughing.

Hope to get a little relaxing in tonight (at least a little crafting, I hope.)
I have to open up for the bluegrass jam at 5 but I will be back at home at 6pm

I don't think I will do anything. Possibly some yard sales.

9am Bible Study
10am: Teach 1st graders at church
Meeting after church

In between all the things that are scheduled are things like:
Taking kids to school by 8am
Picking kids up at 12 and 2:30.
And just the everyday stuff.

My house is trashed and my kids are ill and tired. We only have one football game and one doctor appointment next week and I refuse to go to the school. I am going to spend some time alone at home. So do you think that I will say No after the past two weeks? Probably not but hopefully my schedule won't be quite so full.


Southerner said...

Whew! hope your life slows down some. You DO need to say no to what you can or you are going to callapse.
Ha,ha- the word verification is "ferts"- I hang with preteen boys too much to think that is even funny.

Julie said...

JUST SAY NO, NO, NO, NO . . . I so feel for you Dear Friend!

If you feel you can't say no, contact one of your friends and have them say no for you!