Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of the first day of school for everyone. It was a little staggered this year. Jack started first. His first day of school was August 25. I left everyone else sleeping and headed out to take him to school. When we got there, there was a boy screaming and kicking and Jack said, "What's wrong with him?". I am so glad that my kids do not have any separation anxiety. I have been lucky with all 4. Anyway, this is Jack walking in the school. No problem.

Then on Sept. 1, the other 2 big boys started school. Well, of course, they are just about "too cool" for pictures but I did manage to snap a couple before we headed out.Gabe insisted on wearing his football jersey so I did give in. I am learning to pick my battles.
I can't believe how big they are.

Maci Clare started on Sept. 3. She is going to a Mother's Morning Out 2 days a week. I love it and she does too. She just acted silly when I was trying to take her picture. But I finally got a couple of good shots. I had to take one of all 4 of them. And we had to get the shot of Maci Clare's back pack. It is almost as big as she is. She couldn't wait to get to school. And she loves it.
We are back in the swing of things and I will be posting some of the highlights of our summer and a few football pics soon. I'm trying to get back in t


Southerner said...

What happened to Maci Clare? She is so much bigger. Did you fertilize her over the summer? All four in school- I wonder what that would be like:) Love the mohawk, and the super huge backpack.

Marian said...

I just can't believe it!!! They have gotten sooo big and grown up looking. Just yesterday I showed Tess a picture of me & Brent holding Gabe the night we kept him while you were in the hospital having Zane~how time flies!

Windy said...

Loooovve the mohawk:)
Everyone looks so cute (and big)!
That MC is the cutest thing with that great big back pack - reminds me of Kennedy.

Michelle said...

nice back to school pics...I'm with Southerner...Maci Clare is getting so tall! Love her and Jack's big ole' back packs:)