Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Funny Story

I love our dog, Lucy. She was really good when she was a puppy and then as she got a little older we had a lot of trouble with her running away. We installed an invisible fence and it worked like a charm. She is a great guard dog (she holds her own with the bears, coyotes, cougars, and wild pigs that have recently been seen around our yard). And she is great with the kids. She loves to play with them. Anyway, Friday afternoon, Jack was awful. Jack is at the in between stage where he not really tired early afternoon but as the day goes on he gets really tired and ill. So do you make him lay down and force him to nap so that he can't sleep until late at night or do you let him stay awake and just deal with him in the afternoons? I usually make him take a nap most days but Friday was very hectic and he didn't get one. So he was really wild and getting uglier by the minute. I decided to spank him (Yes, I do spank my children!).
Anyway, he opened the back door and bolted. I took off running after him but I had on big clunky sandals and the grass was wet so I was really having trouble catching him. Lucy happened to be on the deck when he took off. She thought this was a good opportunity to play and took off after him. I yelled out, "Get him Lucy!" She stepped in front him and blocked him until I could grab him. What a good aid in discipline. And what a Dog!

I wanted to include a picture of our awesome dog but Lucy is terrified of the camera. I am going to keep trying but I can't promise anything.


Marian said...

That is hilarious!! Way to go Lucy~but oh poor Jack!

Anonymous said...

Poor Lucy--what a burden you have put on her!!! Bears, wild pigs, etc.--now wild children. Don't you just love them--I do (of course, I'm a long way away) Grandma S

Michelle said...

cute story..what a great dog. Funny he is afraid of the camera....doesn't he know that you blog:)

Southerner said...

I don't know why I didn't have this post in my reader! So funny. What a great dog. We don't watch the show but one time were checking out Wife Swap. There was this really abnoxious family that let the kids do whatever they wanted. The mom that came to their house was one that always wore high heels and cared way too much about appearances. The boy that was about 10 or 11 (talked VERY country/southern) didn't like her rules and decided he was going to run away to grandmaw's. They interviewed him outside and he said, "I'm runnin away and there ain't eenything she can do about it. She can't catch me in those teeny- tiny high heels." My boys will say that when I wear high heels, it's become a joke. I pictured that with your story.

On the cyst. Thank you for praying. He told Darryl he is sending it to lab and we will know the type of fluids it contains on Monday. He thinks it is benign and plans to watch it and make sure it is not growing or causing problems. Looking online some cysts can be precancerous or cancerous but they have certain substances that allow them to know. So, I am glad he is checking that. Hope you weren't trying to eat!