Friday, July 11, 2008

The Story of Tomatoes

At the beginning of the summer, I had great drams of having tomatoes that we could pull from our own plants. Those dreams have been shattered.
I planted 3 tomatoes (2 cherry tomatoes) in pots and buckets(trying one upside down). While I was in Atlanta, no one watered my plants so when I got home, needless to say, they looked awful. Poor things! I had Jim plow up a little rectangle section beside the deck. I was going to plant herbs there but with the tomato crisis, I decided to plant them there to see what would happen. So I pulled the little cherry tomatoes out of the buckets and planted them One plant two little green tomatoes but Jack and Maci Clare immediately pulled them off. We had a storm that night and my big tomato (that I left in the pot) broke at the bottom. I immediately planted it deeper to try mend it. So here's what I have now.
This is the broken one. I have it tied to a tomato cage and there are two little green tomatoes. One is turning red. The plant has remained the same. It hasn't died but it is not getting bigger.
The two tiny twigs are the cherry tomatoes. They look awful but the one on the right has two tiny green tomatoes so it is still producing.
I planted this one later. I realized if there was any hope of having tomatoes I had better get a new one so I did. It looks marvelous but no fruit yet.
And I found this one at Walmart and because it was a little bigger I decided to buy it. It is not in the ground yet but will be this weekend. It looks like this one is the most promising.

So if I can keep my children from pulling green tomatoes, there is still hope for juicy red homegrown tomatoes.