Friday, July 18, 2008

Are the Children In Bed For Now It's 12 O'clock?

Gabe and Zane have 2 friends over and they are playing Big Game Hunter on Playstation so it is quite loud at midnight. But Maci Clare is sleeping soundly on my bed. I wonder how loud they will be in the morning.

By the way, Gabe went to the orthodontist today and got his new RED retainer. RED? And what's a trip to Greenville without going to Target? So here is my favorite purchase.
See the red clearance tag I was trying to hide under my foot? That's right! Clearance! $3.48!!! I love these shoes. Now I may have to go buy something to match them.
They also had Fisher Price Better Batter Baseball clearanced for $19.99. Jack has wanted this forever. I bought it and was going to save it for Christmas but I may have to break down and give it to him now. They had some great deals today at Target.
I have pictures of a few of the crafts we did at VBS but they have children in them and I don't have permission to put them on the internet. I will take some of my kids with the stuff they made and post them a little later. We had a great time at VBS this week. It was a really fun week and it went really fast.


Southerner said...

I love your shoes!
I never thanked you for the award. I quickly posted and gave out the award but did not come back to thank you. I really appreciate you thinking of me. We have had a crazy week, with my friend here. Then, Wednesday my dad came to get four of my kids to take them to his condo in Panama City. Yep, only one this week- well, she is having everyone over after Batman today.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Super cute shoes! I love finding cute stuff so cheap...and I love Target :)

chelle's winks said...

oh how Kyle would like to be right there with those boys...

I live the shoes!

Windy said...

Isn't summer time wonderful - 12 and still playing video games - sounds like our house!

Love the shoes - don't try to hide the clearance tag - be proud:) They are soooo cute.

Just checked in and found out about my award! Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Mommy Jess said...

Target has the best clearance sales. Too cute!